Sunday, July 23, 2017

Afraid of Truth

People are afraid of truth. How many read about the latest entertainer compared to some truth from God? Those elite are merely idols. I bet that only a few of them will be in heaven, although my wish is that they would seek truth as well. People occupy their minds in order to avoid truth. It's as if truth is not valid if it is ignored!

If I was to say to you that tomorrow is not guaranteed - because it is not, what would you do? Some would seek truth and hope this late information would be enough to avoid hell. It's unlikely that even if you were hanging on the cross beside Jesus that you would change. People get acclimated to certain things. They may even want to change, but time has taken its toll.

Truth is reality. Reality is in beliefing. Philosophers have you wonder if you are real or are a mere shadow of reality. Those who find truth know that they are real. Some don't think about the inevitability of death. That is truth. You are going to die shortly whether you ever think about it or not! Ironically, if you never heed the prospect of death, your heart becomes calloused, and the chances that you are enlightened become slimmer each day. If you are in too much denial, God dusts His divine feet at your threshold and moves on. Time is short even though we have a patient God! Your clock quits ticking when he's through with your procrastination - why do today what I can put off until my time is up? God isn't a gamer. He knows the hearts of people.

The truth is that you will someday die. Your heart will cease beating and the mind will go a few seconds later. As you die, you will witness consciously your own death. Imagine how afraid you will be in those last seconds, knowing that you will cease to be, at least in a physical sense. Being afraid of the truth right now will pale in comparison to how afraid you will be of truth as you breath your last breath. That moment is what everyone always fear if they fail to face the truth.

The truth is that there are three reasonable alternatives for after-life: (1) The first is deterministic - you will rot in your grave if you have no soul for reward or punishment, (2) Your soul will go to heaven and your body will join it later, or (3) You will burn forever in eternal torment which is laughingly called "hell" by some. The truth is that God didn't plan for you to lie in the grave. Adam was created with an eternal soul and so were we!

The truth is that God wants that none should perish because of his divine love for us. If we have faith in Jesus Christ, that he died for our sins in our place, then we won't perish. The only things we have to do is to accept that truth and repent. Being afraid of truth, people turn away from it. What will people think if I fall for an invisible God? A better question is: What will God think if you gamble your eternal life on the fear of others.

Pride prevents people from accepting truth, but avoidance is a greater enemy of truth. People won't face the prospect of eternal damnation because that isn't a good thought. If only we don't think about it, it will not be real. Satan smiles: "You surely won't die!" he continues to say. He means that in a spiritual way because he knows that you know that you will die, but just fail to think about the after effects.

Important people sometimes get the key to the city. They look forward to the welcome, and the authorities there provide a big key in a welcoming ceremony. Usually the key is for a week or so, but people look forward to having that symbolic key. It means that they are important.

Meek people get the key to the kingdom of God. They are the important ones. Meek people realize their place in life - without God they are nobodies. God hugs them and holds the key in their hands and those meek enter the gates of heaven. It won't be a key to the  City of God for a week. The Authority there hands the key over forever, and New Jerusalem is his or hers!

If we seek truth, it shall make us free. We no longer will be held in bondage in our sinful realm, but our minds will be freed to explore the unseen. Truth cannot be seen, but it is manifested. Suddenly, with truth, men face reality. That is to say that they can't save themselves, but only Jesus can. He is the Way, the Truth and the Life! What is so fearsome about that? But people still fear that truth!

There are reasons for fearing Jesus. The truth in that matter is that Jesus interferes with our way of life. We do our will. If we are born-again, we are to do God's will. People don't want to make that choice. They may want to serve both Masters - themselves and God, but they know the truth is that God wants them to serve only Him. We are expected to crucify the old self symbolically on the cross beside Jesus without looking back at what we love.

People fear turning their backs to pleasure. Essentially, people place temporal fun over eternal happiness. Fun and happiness aren't the same. Happiness is being content with just existing. Fun is appeasing the self with pleasures which allow you to delay truth.  Sure, sin is fun, but fun makes people fear truth.

Satan smiles because you who are not Christians at heart, fail to face the truth. Repentance is right now! Don't be afraid because all men and women have sinned and disappointed God. A real man or woman faces truth. Be brave in trusting God because He is the only way to salvation. Your "friends" in hell will hate you unless you face truth. Don't fear their isolation here - fear their eternal hate there.  We never need wait for Sunday because each day is the Lord's Day. You don't even need to dress for the occasion. The truth is that God takes you as you are. There is no need to clean up your act before going to Him. Satan will say, "You need to clean up your life before God accepts you!" Jesus, however, will take your unclean sacrifice, and he will clean you up with His own blood!

Never be afraid of joy because there is joy in the Lord. After awhile a Christian learns that true "fun" is delighting the Lord. I know: you hate the idea of being righteous. We all have hated that! That is another lie. Christians desire change, and with faith it is Jesus who will change you. You'll be happy, happy, happy with little effort at all! You won't need to hold a beer bottle or cocktail glass to feel accepted. You can go to God empty handed, or perhaps a cross on your back. Never fear when Jesus is near!

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