Monday, July 24, 2017

Falling Prey

We are gullible people on the whole. The first act of deception to mankind was - you won't surely die. Mankind right then died spiritually, but also lost their immortality. God didn't say when man would die, but that he would! Since man is both physical and spiritual, both died that day. Spiritual death was conditional. Physical death was sure!

We all are only to die once physically, but by grace we never have to die spiritually. Physical death was a consequence of sin, and spiritual death was the penalty. The latter can be pardoned but the former is inevitable. We all will die and most of us know about when, yet we still fall prey to the lie! In most people's minds is that death is a long way off, and God is too good to allow people to go to hell. Death is certain. Hell is real.

Right now MLM's are the in-thing.  That is multi-level marketing. It's a get rich scheme, and some do get rich. However, it is at the expense of others because most people lose. About 1% do well, and about 4% make some, but 95% lose. They fall prey to false promises. Not only is it unlikely that they will get rich but that the product is inferior as well. MLM's are as bad as the snake oil salesman - the products are never a cure-all.  Many of these are pyramid schemes, and would be illegal if it wasn't for an actual useful product. However, there is no guarantee that the product is even good!

Behind many of these schemes are identifiable victims of prey. Yoga participants are often victims because Yoga, a practice of eastern religions, profess holistic and wholistic health. One must only balance the forces within and a long life is inevitable. This is the "YWSD Syndrome" - my acronym for You Won't Surely Die. Strangely, Christians, especially Christian women, are gullible to both yoga and wholistic care. Yoga is just part of this, but herbal remedies are another.

We are certain to die, and people are convinced that yoga will make them more healthy. Of course, any physical activity will, but yoga has six components and is essentially religious worship. Likewise, having faith in the magical treatment of chemicals is falling prey to those who will make money off the scheme. Dr. Oz' practices are questionable, even by his colleagues, who claim that 46% of his recommendations are ineffective or harmful. At the moment, innocent people fall prey to the false hope of various Oz's out there. You will not live forever, and likely not for long! We must be prepared that today may be the day.

The western world has suffered a vast invasion of eastern religions brought to us in the form of science and self-improvement. These types of programs kill people slowly but surely. They disappoint God and place dependence on pagan practices. We are not to do things as the pagans do!

Even death is all about money! When a Christian dies, many get cremated - just as the pagans do! Sure, it saves money and our ashes can be re-assembled, but what about honoring God? Judeo-Christian practice is to let the bones rest. As the skeletons arose in the Old Testament, we too shall rise. I'm sure that God will never allow Christians to suffer eternal death for they know not what they do. On the other hand, are they honoring God?

Psychology is one of the most influential devices for prey. Although most of their eclectic treatments contradict each other, emotional people become their guinea pigs. I've seen many become even more messed up than before! Even the suicide rate among these professionals are one of the highest if not the highest. Psychology is the "study of the soul", but that is theology's place. Jesus is the doctor of my soul. Other Christians fall prey to their false promises!

You might say that all these things have good in them, and that is true. Satan uses good to peddle evil. Man has some degree of intelligence, and for Christians, one mention of a "higher power" is enough to have them fall prey. Notice that even the wily serpent quoted God when he deceived Eve.

We have become to dependent on things foreign to God, and for the love of money. We seek better health by kneeling on a mat in honor of the Yoga Sutras. How we honor God is doing his will. If we follow His commands, we will live a long life if it is His will. We all seek longevity in living, but fail to worry about eternal longevity. Our goal in life should be to please God. He is forgiving as He knows how easily we fall prey, but people must never test his mercy,

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