Friday, July 21, 2017

Funnier Than Hell

I noticed what someone had hand-written on a book: "Funnier than hell!" That would be merely slang, but the person who wrote it doesn't believe in hell. That person, indeed, thought the comedy therein was funnier than hell. There is much in scripture which describes hell as a place of torment, but for the moment, let's just say that hell doesn't exist. If it doesn't, what is it that people are saved from? You see, the entire concept of salvation is destroyed by that naïve belief, and consequently, if there is no hell, there is no need for Jesus, since he is the Savior.

If that person doesn't believe in hell, that false belief doesn't nullify its existence. Likewise, if one doesn't believe in God, that doesn't mean that He is non-existent. Some believe in only a Creator God. That lack of believe in a personal God is Deism. Miracles don't exist, Jesus can't heal, and Jesus can't save. They are lost in their unbelief.

On the other side of the coin are those who believe in Jesus, but not the Creator God. It would appear that their God can save from hell, and prepare an eternal home in paradise, but He is too weak to create the world. If they deny the Creator, they deny the Savior. The Savior says that he is the Son of the Creator, and if he's not, then Jesus is a liar. I submit that he is not!

Others deny the existence of God. They are atheists and believe that existence just happened spontaneously and evolved over time. For them, there is no heaven or hell because without a Creator, there is no need for a Savior. Because of their unbelief, hell is for them as well.

Others belief that Jesus was good, but he was just a man. They do good to emulate him, but they are confused about who he is. For them heaven and hell are in the world, and both exist right now, but again, Jesus didn't come to save us from the world, but from hell!

Others need fire insurance. They don't believe in God nor heaven or hell, but since they are unsure, they seek the bare minimum - they have a weak belief just as the demons do, but they don't trust God.  God says he created it all, and have prepared for them a place in heaven. They fail to belief that, but not being gamblers, they say they believe. Their belief is riddled with doubt. They doubt God more than trust Him, and are walking on thin ice on the road to hell.

Then there is the one who believe that hell is funny. Essentially, a good God would never send his children to eternal punishment, so there is no need for hell. First off, God never sends anyone to hell. People know their choices and choose eternal damnation. For one, she thinks God is a comedian. He only threatens with hell, but in the end because she is good, in her own eyes of course, that she will be saved. That is even though there is nothing for her to be saved from!  That would be funny, but damned people aren't funny; they are pitiful. One day they will bow to God and apologize in the hereafter with real tears and anguish. Hell won't be funny on that day. It will be the great for some, but terrible for most:
Joel 2:31 "The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and terrible day of the Lord come."
Let's not focus here on the destruction of the creation, but the great and terrible day. That is after the destruction of what people love so much - the creation. Some have great times ahead, and others a terrible time. Some will be rewarded with heaven, and the other punished in hell. Any good works are as filthy rags to God (Isa 64:6). He laughs at them because without being born-again, it's those whose Jesus is a fiction of their minds who will go to hell. The social gospel isn't why Jesus came, but to save the world from eternal destruction. Jesus, with a mere thought, could have ended poverty but he said, "You will always have the poor." (Matt 26:11).

I can prove hell with scripture, but for those who deny that scripture is the inspired word of God, that effort would be a waste of time. Just as we must accept God by faith, we must accept heaven and hell by faith. Our faith elects for us heaven, but the lack of faith leads to eternal death - in hell by the way. Scientists can't disprove the existence of hell, and if you accept their unbelief, you are a gambler. God isn't dead, and the fires of hell still burns. Prove otherwise!

Some say that a hot hell is too extreme a punishment. It does seem extreme, but unforgiven sinners actually make the choice. God says it's hot; you should believe Him! Some say that Hell is just a place of isolation. So be it. They can take their chances with what they believe! My bet is that Hell is hotter than hell, and is not funny at all. If I'm wrong, I lose nothing. If I'm right, I will never go there!

Isolation will exist in Hell. There everyone hates the other and Satan. He laughs at them! He says, "Hell is funnier than hell!" -  to him. You see, it takes love to get to heaven and those who don't love God and others go to Hell. In God's system of justice that is fair. He desires that we all love, but we dare God by not loving. Right this instant,  there are even some "Christians" who surely hate me. In scripture hate is equivalent to murder (1 John 3:15). Even some Christians murder me. For them, their hate is funnier than hell because they don't take love seriously. One can still go to heaven for stealing, lying, and so forth, but if one is a hater, heaven is not the place for them! Hell is.

Let us suppose that God lied, and Hell is just eternal isolation. It has been shown numerous times that people suffer insanity by isolation from others. Eternal isolation would be eternal deprivation, and that's not funny either. Nothing is funny about Hell - the one which exists nor the one you have made up or destroyed in your minds by false teachings.

Let us say there is a Hell where you're not isolated, but are surrounded only by haters. That is worse than isolation. We can't even stand it here with one hater. What if everyone is a hater? You would despise your fellow unbelievers. If you ever thought that things are funnier than hell, they will hate you for misleading them. It seems to me that hell will be heavily populated because the way is wide which leads to destruction (Matt 7:13). There will be billions of haters there, and you will hate them all. They will torture you but you will never die. Each day, if you can even sleep, will begin again with chaos and hatred. Numerous Charles Manson and Adolph Hitler-types will laugh at you as they slice and dice you, only to be sliced and diced again tomorrow. That's on top of the atmosphere of Hell!

If you are a sinner in the eyes of an angry God, then Hell is not funny. You delude yourself. You fail to recognize truth because you want it your way. I assure you, that when God designed the system, he had you at heart, but to do it His Way, not your way. Why then do people keep doing what is right in their own eyes? (Deut 12:8). Because they just don't believe God is serious! Hell is serious business, and there is nothing funny about it. If you care little for your own destiny, how about those who you love? My desire is that everyone be saved from Hell, but that's not going to happen. Why? In their own eyes, people are smarter than God. They laugh at His plan even though God so loved the world that anyone who believes in him, His desire is that none of them should perish. (paraphrase John 3:16).

There are some stipulations here: Everyone has an equal chance except those who disbelieve. Heaven isn't for them. They shall indeed perish; not that they will every die, but will suffer death forever. Hell is not funny!

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  1. Your comments about Heaven are completely wrong and not scripturally based. Man is not bound for Heaven but for the new earth. Heaven was not created for man and is the home of Jehovah and His Angels. Study the New Jerusalem coming down from Heaven which will be the abode of man.