Wednesday, July 5, 2017

The Media

The word media is defined as "one of the means or channels of general communication in society, as newspapers, radio, television etc.."[ ("The definition of medium". Retrieved 2015-08-10). 
I would also include the institution of education in the media as well because many of their resources are either directly or indirectly related to the media. Much of what is taught are the ideas of the people. History and social studies would of course be included. The media's purpose is to collect information and redistribute it to the public. The media is the collective communication outlets or tools that are used to store and deliver information or data. ("What is media? definition and meaning". The definition does not include sorting, providing opinions, or defending!

Indeed, the use of data in that manner changes information and data into propaganda: "information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote a political cause or point of view". ("propaganda - definition of propaganda in English". Oxford Dictionaries Online. retrieved 27 October 2016.) Propaganda is often associated with the psychological mechanisms of influencing and altering the attitude of a population toward a specific cause, position or political agenda in an effort to form a consensus to a standard set of belief patterns.( Smith, Bruce L. (17 February 2016). "Propaganda". Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc. Retrieved 23 April 2016.)

Hence, the difference between the media and propaganda is the integrity of both the information, and the tone in which it is presented. Media has as its goal to inform the general public. Propaganda's commission is to deceive the same audience. Bill O'Reilly focused on the difference between the media and propaganda with his admonition, the spin stops here. Spin is deception. His proposed goal was to present the information, and let the hearer decide. When the bearer of information shares less than the facts, their motive is to deceive and influence. Educators call that remolding, but the discerning realizes it's more than that. Prolonged exposure to propaganda is brain-washing: where the mind must be cleansed of truth and replaced with new truths.

New truth is an oxymoron, and an absurdity. Truth is profound and unchangeable. Even science accepts new truths each day, accepting hypotheses which are based on speculation. That deception is then taught in the educational system, and false beliefs become common. Deception can enter our lives from all directions, and everyone should always be skeptical. is an attempt to stop the spin, but even it has its own liberal bias because it is the left which decides what is provenance, and what is not!

From every angle the media is under attack for its dishonesty. Many doubted Trump when he made the media the enemy. If they were merely distributing information, they would be friends of the masses, but they have recently been exposed as propaganda. The outcome of their written blitzkrieg is confusion - the general public doesn't know what to believe. Like religion, the media now needs to be taken by faith. Religion is honest about that. The media is not! The media is more politicized now than ever, and it's power is not derived from the people, but the elite!

In the political realm there are different estates - powers. The first estate is the clergy, the second is the nobility, and the third is the commoners. Added to that, in this century, is the fourth estate: The fourth estate (or fourth power) is a segment of society that wields an indirect but significant influence on society even though it is not a formally recognized part of the political system. The most commonly recognized part of the fourth estate is the news media, or press. (Wikipedia, "The Fourth Estate).

The meeting of all the estates is the estates general. In America, the clergy has been disallowed by the media and the elite. The wall of separation of church and state is not a Constitutional issue but the idea of the media. The clergy has been discarded from the estates general, and replaced with the fourth estate - the media! Ironically, faith has been discarded and replaced with deception! The media claims to be without bias, but their agenda is the world speaking -  the false ideas of mankind replaced the ultimate truths of God.

Within the domain of communication, there are two realms: truth and deception. I intentionally neglect saying lies or falsehoods because deception is more clever than that. In order for the masses (the third estate) to be fooled,  some truth must be part of the information. Only later will the confused accept outright lies!

The second estate are the nobility. They were by name overthrown with the advent of republicanism. However in truth, the nobility still exist. They are the elite: those in the business world, the entertainment industry, the education system, the government and even the leading charities. Their self-idolization now dominates about every institution. Trump, although elite, exposed his kind. By being one of the elite, Trump recognized that the nobility still exists, and are a great danger to our republic. As such, this elite man was elected by those commoners of the third estate, and the nobility is now at war with the common people! America is at war, the left is making the war, but the common person fails to enlist with the sons of liberty.

The fourth estate - the media, is in a struggle to support the second estate - the present power system. Because of money, the media allies with the nobility. Notice that nearly all spokesmen against Trump are of the fourth estate, even educators! The only way the elite have to endure is by remolding the children. They have taken your children at very young ages, and are now remolding them into zombies of the elite. Their education are those "new truths".

Communication has two aspects: facts or truths and lies. In between is deception - the use of truth to change beliefs. In life, truth is of God, and Holy Scripture presents that as the Word. Truth is what God spoke to mankind. Christians accept those truths, and call it faith. God's truth can never be proved in this world because He is not of this world. The only thing that God has to gain by the Word is the love of His people. God has no motive to lie or deceive. He could have designed man to do his will without having to lie to do so!

On the other hand, the words of the world do have a motive. They are to turn the third estate against the Ruler of the first estate - the people against God. The second estate - the elite, wants to be as gods, just like Adam and Eve. The leader of the second estate is Satan. He is Prince of the Air, and he wants to rule the world. The elite help him in his efforts, and he rewards them for doing so! That's how they become the elite. They are Satan's nobility!

Dark angels help Satan deceive. In the beginning they were the fourth estate. Angels are "messengers", and as such provide information to mankind. They are the spiritual fourth estate, and fallen angels are Satan's media. Face it, the mass media in the world today are instruments of Satan. They propagate the will of Satan: Do what thou wilt, which in scripture is do what is right in your own eyes. By doing our own will, we do what is Satan's will. The media's role is to use propaganda to convince people "that is the way". Their tool is not lies, but deception - a nice mix of truth and lies.

If one examines original sin, Satan used the media to present his deception. The serpent, an innocent animal, became the tool of deception. Satan spoke through the serpent but it was still the words of Satan. The media, in this scenario, would be the serpent. His methods were wily. That wiliness changes the Word into deception. The modern fake media does the same thing!

God's Word is truth. God's Word was and Is truthful media. His Word was written down, and is called Holy Scripture. His honest media should be the tool of thefFirst estate - the clergy, but many of those long ago rejected honest media. Scripture must be used to test the media. Everything which I hear and read, I test with what is God's will:
1 Thessalonians 5:21 (ESV) "...  but test everything; hold fast what is good."
Never believe what you read or hear, even Snopes, without testing it with scripture. The media has a motive, and you are the victim or ally. Truthful media desires that you not be deceived... fake media desires that you are. That's their purpose - to remake you in the image of the elite! Satan smiles when people are deceived.

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