Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The Mind: Part 2

We discussed the Holy Trinity and it's likeness - mankind's trinity the other day. God the Father is called Father because he is not only Jesus' Patriarch, but ours as well since he is Creator.

In the beginning there was nothing. There was not even darkness, because God first created it: "I form light and create darkness." (Isa 45:7). Then after darkness was created, Light eliminated it, for darkness is the absence of light. In darkness is where God placed the creation before he lighted it. His process of creating was three: thought, speech, and power. Those three abilities came from his three traits - Mind, Voice, and Spirit. He thought it, spoke it, and then made it happen!  The Father planned it, the Word spoke it, and the Holy Spirit consummated it, just as He consummated the Son with the Virgin Mary.

God's plan, because he so loved the world, is that none should perish (from John 3:16). In the beginning He set that plan into motion. We know that from the following verse:
Romans 1:20 (ESV) "For his invisible attributes, namely, his eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly perceived, ever since the creation of the world, in the things that have been made. So they are without excuse."
His invisible attributes are his Power and Nature which are His Holy Spirit and His Mind, as the Father. His visible attribute is the Word which became flesh. The Power and Nature, God's invisible aspects, bear witness to the visible - Jesus Christ.

The Creation was for the very purpose of saving mankind from eternal damnation. Who did God plan on using to save the world from destruction - Himself. To do that, He made Himself flesh, and had Joseph and Mary call him Jesus (Deliverer) and Immanuel (God With Us). In other words, it is God who Delivers mankind from eternal death unto eternal life, just as He intended at the Creation before Satan deceived mankind.

In order to save mankind, basically from ourselves, God created one plan. Since he is Almighty God, and All-knowing, only one plan was necessary, but it was thought through precisely with the right timing. Jesus was the Plan from the time of the Creation because he was there, speaking life into existence. If Jesus can speak us into the natural world, he can surely speak us into the supernatural. The first is the first birth, and the second is when we are born again. You see, Jesus was there to demonstrate his ability. He is able to birth and rebirth!

Planning requires formulating a plan of action. It requires thought to formulate. Formulating requires the mind to do its thing. First off, God's Mind decided that He wanted mankind to have eternal life, not by design but by choice. Man was created just like God, with a will. It was formed in the image of God, but our will was free from God's will. God put that in His plan!

All the steps of the creation were part of God's plan. He formulated the plan with detailed strategies: Create, provide, test, listen, forgive, restore, build, punish, protect, die, save, recreate, and finally endure. There were many other strategies, and God developed them in the beginning. The accumulation of these strategies are history, the present, and the future.
Psalm 139:17 "How precious to me are your thoughts, O God! How vast is the sum of them!"
The sum of God's thought are the accumulation of His many strategies in His detailed plan for mankind. The Mind thought them all through, surely in an instant, and here we are today - looking at the beginning strategies which are visible to anyone who will think on the Creation. God is All-knowing - He knows the number of hairs of our heads and the grains of sand. He knows them because he Created them. All these minute details were part of His plan which His Mind thought.

"That's silly!" you remark. "Why would God care to know the hairs of your head?" He has the capacity to know that because he cares about each of His creatures. For those with male pattern baldness, it's in your genes. God created the genes so that you are today still in the image of God. Your very existence existed in Adam because he is the DNA donor for us all. DNA is more numerous than the hairs of the head, and he made and knows that as well. Is it ironic that geneticists have developed a system for finding our own DNA Adam, but can only go back so far because of mutations in antecedent generations?

In the beginning our thoughts were as God's thoughts, because mankind walked in harmony with God. With original sin, the thoughts of others were imbued into our own minds. The serpent shared the thoughts of the evil ones, and here we are - our thoughts are not as intended?
Isaiah 55:8 (ESV) "For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the Lord."
What is it that we think about that God doesn't? How to do our own will and not His! Our plan is how to find the loop holes in His Plan. God used his Mind to Create. Mankind uses his mind to deviate. God's mind is perfect faith which he knows is His truth. Mankind's mind is filled with doubt. Mankind believes the Creation was impossible, but God knows it was possible, and it was the beginning of His Plan for us!
Matthew 19:26 (ESV) "But Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”
It is possible for God to give us eternal life! How do we know that? His Mind thought into existence everything which we see! If God is too weak to provide life, he certainly is too weak to provide eternal life.

There is a television program called Family Feud. Before the program, the audience is asked to provide answers to questions which will later be asked of contestant families. The goal is to determine which family answers the same way the audience does. Each family's answer is compared to the audience's answers. The host always responds, "You say _____, survey says _____."

In life, this is akin to saying, "You say _____, God says _____." What you say is tempered by your own mind, and is against God's Mind. The difference is introduced by those powers in the spiritual realm. Just as the audience on Family Feud, some yelling one thing, and others yelling something else, righteous spirits and evil spirits speak to you. Those spirits are the voices of the survey. While the majority of those surveyed have an interest in your family or the other family winning, evil spiritual voices want both families to lose. If we listen to the wrong voices, our minds deceive us because our minds are inferior to God's. Discernment is when by understanding God's Mind, our own mind harmonizes with God's. His will becomes our will, and our thoughts become as His thoughts.

Our mind is important. It determines whether we live or die by what we believe. Eternal life is simple. We ignore most of those "surveyed" (i.e., the world), and the flesh (i.e., the rewards for believing the lies), but listen to God alone. His Word still directs our mind on what is truth. We don't need a survey, nor should we care what the world says: "God didn't create it... it just happened." Survey says that, but what does God say? "I created it all!" Do we go with the survey or with God. Survey says that God is a liar. What do you say?

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