Saturday, August 5, 2017

Freedom in Trouble

True liberty is when all the wrongs which we have ever done is forgiven, forgotten, and put behind us. The liberty we have in this nation is fake liberty, just as fake news drives the entire fakery of our very existence. "Fake news" is a new term. In the past it was called by its true name - propaganda, which is purposely using misleading information to propagate a biased viewpoint. It is a weapon in and arsenal of destruction.

Entire nations can be fooled  by chicanery on the part of those with a hidden agenda. The epitome of this mass terror was the brainwashing of the people in the Third Reich. I hate to associate anyone with Nazis, but they are the standard to which everyone else is compared. They were good at propagating their agenda, and most of the people were fooled. In fact, during the 1934 referendum  88.1% of the electorate bought in to Goebbels's propaganda with 95.7% of the electorate turnout. (Wikipedia;). Even the Christians were fooled: The entire German Church heiled Hitler and was even run by the state.  At least Goebbels was honest with his purpose because his job title was Reich Minister of Propaganda. The Nazis were at least transparent on their methods, and the people still bought into their chicanery!

The people were won over by deception. Propaganda was the method of the serpent in the Garden, and it still is. Satan used the mouthpiece of a snake to make innocent people do evil things. Goebbels was the serpent, but Satan was still the Devil behind it all! Because Goebbels is dead and Hitler is in eternal inferno, doesn't mean evil is in the grave. Just as evil imbued all autocratic states, there are those in republics and democracies who are still autocrats. Even in America, there are those who despise the freedoms that the common people enjoy, but are rapidly losing. Their agenda is power, and their power is at the cost of our freedom. Never think that these people faded in oblivion with the dark ages. The shadow regime is still just as destructive as it was in undermining the Tzars of ancient times!

Crookedness is a characteristic of this powerful infrastructure. The health of the people is bled from the masses just as blood-letting was an attempt to cure sick people before modern times. Innocent people, even the wisest, went to "doctors" who bled them to death, thinking that they would be cured! Even those already hemorrhaging were bled more with the hope of getting well.

Well, we're being bled. Christians are bleeding the most! Our liberty to worship is flowing from our veins. The deceptive "doctors" are slicing our arteries with the scalpel of propaganda. Think not? Why then is the Roman God Libertas standing (and praised) in New York Harbor while the Ten Commandments are hidden in concealed places so as not to offend those who are easily offended? The progressives who truly are the autocrats of the middle ages are the American version of the Taliban who found historical monuments offensive, and tore them down!

The issue is not the Ten Commandments, though. It is religious liberty. At the expense of Christianity, any and all pagan religions are in vogue. Even those who, just as the Nazis, are transparent about their goals, we weak Americans still are tolerant of those who wish to subjugate us. Christians bleed more profusely than anyone because it's Christ's blood which is being shed again!
Hebrews 6:6 "If they shall fall away, to renew them again unto repentance; seeing they crucify to themselves the Son of God afresh, and put him to an open shame."
America has fallen away as has Europe and the Middle East  even before them!  It is nice to think that we will be redeemed again but we already have been! If the nation is saved it would be just like crucifying Jesus all over again. As we allow the nation to bleed Christianity from the arteries of the nation, it's by our own deception. Jesus has already saved us once; we just need to stand up for Jesus, and allow the nation to remain saved! The serpent is the mouth of the elite - the media, the educators, the modern church,  et al who speak for Satan yet today. Just as the serpent stole Adam's liberty even in Utopia, he still steals our liberty in Chaos.

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