Sunday, August 20, 2017

I Am Eve

I am Eve. I walked by the tree each day. It beaconed me, and I walked closer.

It is not the tree itself which spoke, and neither really the serpent. It was lust in the tree.

I had good things - I was blessed. I had Adam, the fairest except for the Voice.

The Voice walked softly in the cool of the evening. He left His Tree to find us near.

We were in unity; Adam and me. We were two yet we were one. In unity too with God.

So as not to be better than God, He was One but yet Three, all three in unity.

He created us in His image, but while we are two yet He Is Three. He IS.

Unity is meant to be. We in twain; He in Three. One the symbol of the other.

God - we know as Father, and the earth is our only mother. We are of her dust.

"What could break the oneness?" we asked, because love was what we breath.

One thing could divide us, one into two, and that was the other tree. The one with knowledge.

We had yet to have reason because God showed us truth. With knowledge reason came.

Reason damned us, but we knew that not until knowledge increased.

We gained knowledge but sometimes it is better to not know things. How did that happen?

It was lust who beaconed from the tree. It spoke silently, especially to me.

Adam said the Word from God was, "do not eat". I listened but failed to hear.

I added something to ripen the tree beyond its ripeness. I added to that, "do not touch".

Lust reached out with spreading leaves. I held out my hand, but I did not touch!

I was deceived, but welcomed it because pleasure was my promised reward!

Then I spied a serpent in the tree. Perhaps it was he who beaconed.

As he spoke, I was not surprised. It was normal - to that I reckoned.

The serpent then spoke as the other animals often did. He spoke with the same tongue.

But there was a difference, you see. Love was the language of the beasts who sought shalom.

This serpent spoke with belligerence and certainty. Perhaps he spoke rightly!

He promised good things. I saw that of which he spoke. They were plentiful.

Fruits abounded on his tree. His fruit was beautiful. I desired their pleasure.

I sought the wisdom they offered. Surely I would be as God. The serpent said so!

I desired but still sought truth.  My hand reached out. I touched the tree. Its leaf invited me.

I surely didn't die, as I breathed another breath. I didn't die, but I changed inside.

I was content before, but now I felt a surge of excitement. This I had never felt before.

God said that I would die. I challenged Him and yet still live! What is truth? Who is truth?

I looked at the serpent. I saw him. I looked for God, and saw Him not!

Who is it that I should believe, the one I see or the One unseen?

I believed the one I can see is who spoke truth. I obeyed him, and now I am excited.

Now my life has meaning. I can do what is right in my own eyes, though  I am no longer content.

As I touched the fruit, Contentment silently walked away. I saw the tears falling, but saw no One.

I knew that He was gone. No longer would I ever be content, but I now had pleasure.

One touch of the tree transformed lust into pleasure. One touch transformed me!

I had been pure as in the beginning. Now uncleanliness entered in. I felt good, yet evil.

I felt elation because I touched but had not eaten. I had not died, so I reached forth again.

I reached out, and touched the fruit. By then I had learned this pleasant feeling.

I felt excited as my heart pounded. Even the expectation of reward aroused me.

I touched again, and again I did not die. Then I pulled the fruit from its branch.

I pulled hard, and the branch broke off. It died right then in my hand.

It was the Branch who was to die, and I had thought it was me! How foolish was I!

I felt badly for the branch, but yet I still raised the fruit to my lips.

The thumping thumped harder as the fruit came nearer. My lips were pure, and my tongue right.

As the fruit touched my lips, my tongue came out from its dark cave, and I saw the light.

Perhaps I now am as God, but I feel so weak around this tree. Perchance, I've become its slave!

My heart pounded harder, and my lips spoke out. It said what my heart was feeling.

My tongue became defiant as new words flowed from the foreskin of my heart.

This fruit is my desire. It pleases me, so!  I will eat it all the days of my life.

From that day forth, I - Eve, ate of the fruit. It's fruit are many. My favorite is wiliness!

Wile is the trait which the serpent gave me.  I became devious. Treachery overcame me.

Adam came by. I am now my own. I have dominion over myself. Myself is who I shall please!

As the serpent winked, I replicated his words: "Eat of the fruit, Adam, You surely will not die!"

Adam heard the lust calling too. Eve was created beautiful but somehow now she was  different.

Eve became a new creature. Not good! The woman that was before changed. Adam longed for her.

I longed for Adam. I forgot God because now it is pleasure which I seek.

Eve's role was to multiply. God ordained that. He told her to do so. Now was her chance.

Even as God said that, it was not yet the time, but Eve felt the passion within.

With the fruit of lasciviousness, replication even changed. It was once for God but now for Eve.

Eve desired Adam. She reached out, and he came forward. He touched Eve. God had not said not to!

"You didn't die, Adam. Touch me more! Partake of my fruit." Adam believed me.

Contentment was gone now. He was under his own Tree; crying because he was now alone.

Contentment expected one thing - he wanted love, but yet love was under the other tree.

As they ate, the two became one, as God had told them; yet they were divided.

Each became their own god. Both did what was right in their own eyes. Lust joined them.

The two became three as Adam and Eve were joined in lust. They defied God.

They were now in His image, but the third person came from the mouth of the snake.

Evil was consummated as Adam ate of the fruit. He ate from my hand as I pulled on him.

It was my hand which tugged, but it was the he who spoke within the snake who did the tugging.

The serpent merely spoke, but the words came from an angel - an evil one.

Contentment cried because now as his second creatures were as evil as his first.

Angels failed God, and now those a little better than angels, failed him too. Satan remembered it well.
I ate and knew Adam. It was not for children that I knew him, but for my own pleasure.

Eve became a new person. Unity was stolen from her ways. She became a temptress.

Eve did the bidding of the serpent, and Adam followed the priestess. He was her servant.

I died that day, and dragged Adam to his grave, but not the dust from which we came!

We died spiritually. Our union became estranged. We followed the serpent often now.

Who is really our God. It can't be He who just Is, because Contentment still cries.

I would deny it, and so would Adam, but we have two Masters. One cries. One smiles.

Contentment was the only Master, but now there is another! I am his lover. So is Adam.

Adam and Eve fornicated with each other, but also with Lucifer. He delighted in them.

They have another god before God, and those gods are many. Legion is his name.

The many gods before God are all the selves of His creation - the world he so loved!

They do what is right in their own eyes, and do it for the lusts of the flesh.

They are their gods, and the flesh is their idols. The fruits of that tree appease their flesh.

The Tree of Life has fruits too, but they are merely twelve in number. Love is number one.

The fruit of which they ate is hate. Disobedience called  by any other name is Hate.

Eve murdered her own soul, then sought to murder his. Hate did that - it was her accomplice!

Hate is a murderer. It flows from the bowels of my new master. Hate - the absence of love.

I showed hate for God first, and then Adam followed suit. One of us was no worse than the other.

The fruit most abounding was the rotten fruit of the flesh. They covered it in shame.

Shame is the first child as the pair coupled in ecstasy. Shame was of Eve's seed.

They hid Shame from God by covering their ugly heads - his and hers, but God still saw them.

Shame are twins - Adam's and Eve's - one male and the other female; both uglier than sin.

God, not proud of our children, exposed them to the world. He hung his head and cried.

"Look", God said. "What you have wrought? You have given birth to Shame into this world."

God cried tears of living water. Satan smiled, the twins were really his. God knows that they are.

Suddenly, both of us were sorry for what we had done. I cried out! Adam did too!

Great tears flowed from our eyes, flowing in unity with God's. God showed Himself to us.

It was just for a moment, but God revealed Himself to his children. we were just like him!

No that is pride. We were just as He was to become, as we saw into the future.

We are the image of Him!  In our meekness, now, we spoke in sorrow:

We wanted to be like God but not be as God. God saw our remorse. He was happy.

The three joined in loving each other: God, Adam, and his best friend - she is Eve!

They loved God, and one another. The greatest commandment, and the one like unto it.

God saw a lamb pass by. The lamb did not come by chance, but came there for a reason.

The Lamb said, "I will die for them!" Adam and Eve cried. The Lamb died.

Not just then, but much later. Much later; but all too quickly he came and went!

The Lamb was nailed to a Tree - the Tree of Life right there in the Garden.

The Lamb gave His flesh for Adam and Eve to save them from death - eternal death!

God covered their sin, and washed away their filth; they became clean new creatures again.

What was clean, was made dirty, but now the blood of the lamb washed it all away.

We presented ourselves to God. He was pleased! We were a living sacrifice, but the Lamb died for our flesh.

Someday the Lamb will come again, and wash away the sins of all... of all time.

Adam had faith in the Lamb. They saw Him in the Garden, and heard his Voice. He spoke love.

I heard Him too - long before he ever became flesh! God is good - all the time!

Good will come in the flesh quickly. Shame will die then. Both of them - Adam's and mine.

Their Shame is our shame and the blood is efficacious enough to cover it all.

God weaved a large apron to cover all our Shame. His is woven by Mercy.

The fabric God weaved to cover sin is grace; even though Shame is still with us!

He knows our Shame, and how it came about. It was born of the tree - the other one.

God's Tree of Life spreads out and covers the other tree. He is no longer jealous.

Many have chosen Him. Others haven't! That is their shame! They are Adam. They are Eve.

I took the bad seed and planted it outside the Garden. I did. I am Eve!

The seed grew with the thistles and thorns. The world harvested its grain.  The world may die!

I wore God's apron. The one from the Lamb. I shall never die! I am Eve.

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