Friday, August 4, 2017

The Power Structure

The wisest man on earth said, "There is nothing new under the sun." Today in this modern world the power structure is the same as it was hundreds of years ago. It's important that people know what the "estates" are. Few people know! It is the timeless system of power, or if you prefer, how you are controlled.

The traditional three "estates" are the first estate - the clergy, the second estate - the nobility, and the third estate -  commoners. The public assembly of these three groups is called "the estates general". The inclusion of the third estate - the people, is a delusion. Why so? Those "commoners" who are part of the estates general always wield power. They are leaders of the herd, and their participation isn't for the good of the people, but for the good of themselves.

In recent times, a fourth estate has been added, namely the media.  In actuality, they were always part of the estates general because those in power use the media to propagate their agenda. Even the people have an agenda, and like the other estates, it is to maintain power. When an individual arises above the occasion, those leaders are called populists in these modern times. (Trump is a populist trying to fight those who are really in charge. That task is and has always been a dirty task!)

The power structure in the U.S., as before in France, and other striving republics were the same. Even though those estates were a result of a feudal society, that's where we still are!

The working people are the masses. They have been called by many names: peasants, proletariat - workers, and the Bourgeoisie -  the people. Those who lead these lower and middle class masses are themselves elite. They may start out being for the people, but end up being for themselves. Many totalitarian governments are a result of the people gone wild. Power goes to the heads of the common born, and a stealth sub-class is born - those who misuse the will of the people to gain power for themselves.

The establishment consists of liberal humanistic clergy, the wealthy financiers and entertainers, and the spokesmen for the common people. For instance, the Rev. Jesse Jackson, the lawyers of the American Civil Liberties Union, Media Matters, moveon. com, and most charitable and educational organizations. Those are the identities of the modern "estates general". As in times past, the common man is ignored, but thinking that their leaders really care! They are deceived.

In earlier times the crooked church colluded with the nobility to control the commoners. Commoners truly believed that the clergy protected them. All the while, the clergy were merely trying to hang onto what power the nobility allowed them to have.

Modern churches are the same. They bow to the new nobility. The nobility are not those who rule outright, but the individuals who control our politicians and are as stealthy as the covert planes which hover overhead. When I think of power in America, I think first of  George Soros. He is behind those who have in the past dictated American policy, and allowed progressive politicians to win elections. "Political Correctness" comes from progressive organizations. Free speech is imprisoned by the PC Police. The PC Police is a strong force in America. It divides America into haters and those who fight haters. Christians are called "haters". This main "hate group" in America has been identified by the strong shadow government. That power structure has members of all the estates including the clergy.

Modern church denominations and their leaders walk lock-step with those who wield their powers in the shadow. The modern church is corrupt, being corrupted by humanism (psychology) and the entertainment industries. Many of them are little more than entertainers, and like the Romans who ate cake as they were going under, deluded Christians in many modern churches are eating the same sweet cake with spicy icing!

There is no conspiracy. It is done in the wide open except for those who run the show from the shadows. Even those who hide back in the fog are not even conspirators. What is going on is the nature of man. We seek, as a herd of human beings, to do what is right in our own eyes. What is that? Pleasure, wealth, prestige, and power. Those are the fruits of the forbidden tree and look quite attractive to be honest.

All this stuff is temporal. It is for your enjoyment, but someday on bowed knee you will hate those in power - those who used you for their own purpose. In essence, you common people have been given that tasty apple from the forbidden tree while those in power are the ones "as gods". You just believe that you're part of that, but you're not!

What I describe is the condition of the world as the end-of-time nears. That tyrannical dictatorship of the Antichrist will not come abruptly, but will creep upon the world with stealth that even the elect (the Christians) will be deceived.  What is considered good now will come back to haunt later on. Your head, if you don't make the rapture, will be required of you if you don't accept the powers of the world.  Your very soul is in jeopardy, even at this moment, if you fail to be wary of the deception.

Many of us feel more comfortable with Trump at the helm, but those much more powerful than him are seeking to destroy him and the last vestiges of our Constitution Republic in favor of a one-party power structure. Society will revert to the power structures of the middle age of serfs and nobles as the church bows to the every whim of those in power. The foundation of this right now is a concealed power structure who completely control those in the establishment, and even us! Because Soros and those others in power don't wear the banners of royalty doesn't mean that they are not our emperors!

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