Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The Revolution Has Started

Matthew 24:37 (NKJV) "But as the days of Noah were, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be."
How were things in the days of Noah? Just as they were in other times of other rebellions: people did what was right in their own eyes. Some even surely had a form of godliness, but were not Godly. You name the sin -  they did it!
2 Peter 3:3 "...knowing this first: that scoffers will come in the last days, walking according to their own lusts..."
Who are these scoffers?  Someone who jeers or mocks or treats something with contempt or calls out in derision. Noah  wasn't the government nor a civic leader, but scoffing was directed at him because he was right in the eyes of the Lord. He was the sole representative of God's government on the face of the earth, and the people could not stand righteousness because it had rules. At that time the Law had yet to be written in stone but it existed because of God's expectations. God expects obedience, and Noah was the face of God. From the beginning, with Adam and Eve, mankind wanted to be as gods. The serpent hit the nail on the head with that accusation.

To be as gods, like God, sinful people desire their own kingdom. God had the Garden of Eden. Mankind has always wanted Utopia - Eden without God. Utopia is the theoretical perfect society where everybody lives in harmony, doing whatever they want without regulation or need to be defiant. This desire is Marxism which he coined as socialism and communism, there being no difference (Communist Manifesto).

Socialism preceded Marx to be truthful. However, it was he who proposed revolution! Essentially, he moved social justice advocated by religious and/or enlightened people to the extreme of necessary violence. Socialism in a nation always starts with the promise of much needed change. Often, people get on the socialist bandwagon of their own volition. At some point in time, those who are firmly against the tenets of socialism resolve to never comply. With that roadblock, violence ensues to force people to do what they don't want to do. As capitalism is a necessary prerequisite for socialism, socialism is for communism. It is just an intermediate step.

Again, when we return to the conditions in the days of Noah, it is time for the new Noah to return. This is the Son of Man - Jesus Christ himself! As Christians, both the living and the dead, arise to glory, universal socialism will result, not abruptly, but gradually and covertly. Mankind will praise their Utopia and proclaim the dictator a god, fulfilling the wily serpent's prediction!

Let's consider for a moment the Third Reich. It is an example of revolution. The Utopia Hitler sought was the 1000 year reign of what was the Holy Roman Empire and much new territory - as far as the Nazis could reach. The goal was for a global Utopia under Nazi control. Therein lies the problem with socialism. People don't like to be controlled: Infidels don't want to be ruled by the religious, as Marx taught, and Christians don't want to be ruled by tyrants. Because of that confliction, Utopias can never exist because harmony can never be when force is used. Essentially, Hitler proclaimed himself as God, and sought to find the relics of Christianity to reinforce his own godhood. Many died because of his self-aggrandizing charade!

You see, the Third Reich was socialist. Sure, the enemy was Russian Communism and the adherents in Germany, but it was one brand of socialists against another. Their modus operandi was the same, as well as their goals! Each having to use force, one was as much of an evil empire as the other!

Just as I predict that the end-of-time "Utopia" will be socialistic for 3-1/2 years, I predict the final 3-1/2 years to be communistic. This time is called the "seven year tribulation period". They need a religion, although Marx taught against it, he was obviously referring to Christianity. I believe the tribulation period religion is Islam and its government Sharia Law. This is based on Scripture and the Quran.

Now for my point: I believe that throughout history revolution has been driven by socialism. It is the deception I have termed YSWD ("You surely won't die"). That is the lie Satan told Eve to get her to partake of the forbidden fruit. Socialism is poison so it must be made palatable. It is the grape Kool-Aid that Jim Jones had his herd drink before they actually drank it!

Capitalism is scriptural. I have provided the many verses to support that notion before. Crony capitalism is not! That is uncharitable, selfish, and deceitful. It is the sin of usury: "the lending of money at exorbitant interest rates." (Merriam-Webster Dictionary). Scripture defines it even more strongly:
Nehemiah 5:7 "After serious thought, I rebuked the nobles and rulers, and said to them, 'Each of you is exacting usury from his brother.' So I called a great assembly against them."
That was crony capitalism early on. The nobles and rulers colluded to make excessive gains at the expense of the poor! Crony capitalism is sinful and Satan uses this sin to his advantage. The unfairness of it makes the victims angry. They rebel. That is revolution. You see, fairness is of God, but the world uses God's concept of fairness to revolt. Revolution can be noble or ignoble. It depends on two things: (1) The actual motives of its leaders, and (2) whether it is based on righteousness. For instance, "Thou shalt not steal" applies to all. It does not have an exemption for socialists who, playing Robin Hood, steals from the rich and gives to the poor!

The notion of one-percenters caused revolt the last few years. The many without have jealousies for those with. Some of those abusers are crony capitalists, and ironically, their most notable leader is one of them: George Soros. One wonders why him? He has wrong motives. His is for power and control! (Bernie Sanders was one of his stooges.)

Jealousy too is a sin. "Thou shalt not covet". When those without, desire what others have without the necessary industry to profit, they are sinful. That coveting leads to rebellion.  When capitalism fails to provide for the less fortunate, they join the ranks of the belligerent. Capitalism as taught by Jesus and the apostles is fair. It had rules though; to take care of those who can't themselves - the older widows and orphans, and the infirm. Those others who seek gain without their own work, are committing the sin of usury themselves. They extort gain from the government to minimize their own hard work.

An unfair system, coupled with jealousy, sets the stage for revolution. That unfairness and abuse of the people was stage one of catholic church, France, Russia, Germany and even the United States. Believe it or not, most revolutions are because of social injustice, some type of usury, and outright jealousy. Of course, our own revolution was against taxation without representation, a mild form of socialism, but with God intact. The problem arises when God is removed from the sought-after Utopia. America was blessed with what our patriots called divine Providence.

Now we are engaged in a great battle, "testing whether that nation, or any nation so conceived and so dedicated, can long endure" (Gettysburg Address).  Some Americans are seeking revolution, and we are in the second stage right now! For most, the revolution is for perceived noble causes. However, behind the charitable idea are despots just waiting to gain power! The masses who seek change are the "useful idiots" spoken of by Saul Alinsky. The people are mere puppets of those who control them! Just as Hitler and Lenin gained by promises of Utopia, those covert leaders today use the same carrot to get the herd of rabbits to rebel.

Class warfare is the transparent device of socialism - divide and conquer. Soros and his covert leaders used Obama to divide the nation. Like it or not, Obama was a mere puppet of those powerful people. He surely was not even aware of it! Most puppets can't see their own strings. If you fall for the propaganda, you too are a puppet!

Propaganda is the primary tool for revolution. Thomas Paine used it in the U.S. and France, and both Hitler and Goebbels used it in the Third Reich. Marx supplied much of the propaganda. In this present age, the propaganda is rampant. It is from nearly all institutions: the media, education, foundations, and even the church and business of all people! Right now, even the church has taken sides on class warfare, ignoring the left and focusing on the extreme right, both of which are hateful!

There is both a far right and left revolution going on. However, the left is much more powerful, and their propaganda machine has launched the war profoundly. Of course, they use "good" to provoke evil. They even accuse the conservative church of being hateful, and with their propaganda, the church is one of the enemies of the people. That goes back to the days of Noah when the people did their will, and rebelled against God's will.

We are on the verge of the third stage of the revolution - violence. What we see now is tame compared to what it will be. As the left seeks even more concessions from the people, unless we cave in, more violence will prevail. In years past, countries paid tribute to other countries so as not to be bullied. This is an extreme form of usury. Right now we pay tribute to the complainers not to bully us. It's both pecuniary and civil payment. We give it to the most vocal. Sure, the people need a say, but not through coercion!

The mob is saying things the mobster is putting into their minds. It's not scripture, by the way; Scripture teaches love. Satan teaches self-interest. Part of the revolution is because of the class struggle. Rahm Emmanuel said, "You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it's an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before."  Right now, the manufactured crisis is statues of old Confederate dead men who can do no harm. It is that cry-baby crisis which is creating division in the nation. It crowned under Obama, and grew as the propaganda machine revved up against Trump.

All revolutions need a villain! It's necessary to have a high level person to hate. In the American Revolution, the fault lied with Parliament. However, King George was the villain. The people organized, not against those most responsible, but against the king. It's easier to have one sacrificial person. Trump is the sacrifice whose head the rebels demand! It's not so much the people, but the invisible elite telling the people. As they push the buttons of gullible people, the people get angry and become a demanding mob. They all want things their way! (I guess they have been eating at Burger King too much.)

With the apocalypse, the people lose. The "good" people - the Christians lose most; their heads! In the ongoing revolution, the masses will lose. The elite people pulling the strings and pushing the buttons will have the power. The Utopia will be theirs to abuse! People who hate the unfairness of today's system will despise the new one! They will find out at that time, that they indeed are "useful idiots". Then the persecution will only begin. Do you doubt me? Just read history. That's normally what happens with the exception of our own revolution, created on the pattern of God's justice, not entirely, but much of it. Now, we are prone to go down in history as a dead culture. We are committing mass suicide where our Jim Jones - George Soros, pours the Kool-Aid; and the people drink it!

We may be seeing the end. It was predicted: Mrs. Powel of Philadelphia asked Benjamin Franklin, “Well, Doctor, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?” With no hesitation whatsoever, Franklin responded, “A republic, if you can keep it.”

We are in the process of losing our republic and the people are allowing it to happen. Unlike our founders, even Christians today don't have enough principle to fight this war. We are letting our freedom of religion go as our type of government goes down the tube. We just sing a little louder as the German Christian during the holocaust.

The left has principles whereas Christians don't seem to have much. They seem to be willing to die for their cause, but we aren't willing to sacrifice our own comfort to speak out. People might think ill of us or accuse us of being right-wing zealots. We are victims of the propaganda machine, and we let it happen! We deserve our loss! To avoid being called "haters" we hide.

Look at what the Democrat de facto leader just remarked. Elizabeth Warren said this week that progressives are not an arm of the Democrat Party; they are the party! (paraphrased). With that said, and with the knowledge that "progressive" means "socialist", she admits they are Marxist. What do Marists want? Revolution. She just admitted that there is a revolution, and we still fail to see it!

My daughter asked me, "Dad, who wins?" I responded, "They do." They will for a time because the Prince of the Air is ruler on earth, but when Jesus comes to do battle, we win in he end. Which side will you be on? The way things are going with Christians, Jesus's army will be few  but powerful as he leads the charge. Your are either with God or against him. My choice is to be in Jesus's army for I know he wins!

I bet most of you are scoffing right now. This zealot thinks there will be a revolution. Wrong! This zealot knows that we are in a revolution, and Christians seem to be losing! Don't scoff at this. Think in it.

Proverbs 29:8 (NKJV) "Scoffers set a city aflame, But wise men turn away wrath"

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