Sunday, August 13, 2017

The Unborn: Just An Inconvenience

We see signs all the time - Abortion is Murder, yet even Christians minimize unborn children as a mere inconvenience. There are three concepts here which deserve mention. (1) The unborn are persons, (2) the destruction of persons is killing, and (3) the unborn are killed out of convenience.

Let us consider a most heinous king:
2 Kings 15:16 "Menahem attacked Tiphsah, all who were there, and its territory. Because they did not surrender, therefore he attacked it. All the women there who were with child he ripped open."
King Menahem was evil in the eyes of the Lord. He was guilty of the sin of Balaam. As he was suppressing this revolt at Tipshah, he destroyed the city, killed all its inhabitants, and purposely aborted all the pregnant women,. By doing that, Menahem even destroyed those with the potential of endangering him later on. Even this cruel king recognized the personhood of what Planned Parenthood now refers to as fetal tissue. Even Menahem made persons out of the unborn while Planned Parenthood and their supporters rob them of their personhood!

In this generation, even some Christian Americans are as brutal as the Christian Tsar Peter the First of Russia. While he never hesitated to decapitate those who said wrong things, even Peter's heart was civil enough to make abortion illegal in Russia - and this was in the early 1700s, long before the Age of Enlightenment - the time after which barbarians became civil and liberty for all became the rule. Our own government was founded by enlightened people as they rebelled for life, liberty, and the pursuit if happiness (The Declaration of Independence), but our justice system finds "life" repugnant, and a matter of inconvenience to those who are already alive. Roe v. Wade returned America to the Dark Ages as five crusty old Menahem's ripped millions of babies from the wombs of America's mothers!

What is the sin of Balaam which Menahem did? He brought ritual fornication into worship. He was a early day Nicolaitan whom God hates (Rev 2:6). Throughout the ages, sex has been brought into the church. What is the consequence of fornication? Pregnancy. With pregnancy comes a little inconvenience. What is to be done with the unborn who cause that inconvenience. Abortion - killing a developing human in the womb.

Zoom ahead to modern times - now. We are enlightened. Even fools know that fetuses are a mere stage of human development. The unborn person doesn't go from non-person to person with what I call the birth canal crawl - the time it takes to be born. They are a person all the while under different stages of development, yet Planned Parenthood and their supporters are still in the dark ages! (Read my commentary on "Miracles" at They are the Menahem's of ancient days in modern times, as they rip babies from their wombs without remorse. Why? They are an inconvenience!

What are the inconveniences?  They are many. Here are a few:
  • "Women deserve the same sexual freedom that men have." This type of thinking is self-godhood at its worst. Women deserve no more than their own right to life - the same which they want to deny their own seed! Women weren't created for sexual intercourse but to multiply. Their biggest sin, I believe, was putting their own self above God - their own sexual gratification came before God's will. With that old time religion, women sacrificed their babies to Molech. They were the object of Balaam's sin. They were tools in evil men's hands, and are still tools for the gratification of men. Strangely, feminists allow themselves to become puppets in the hands of fornicators.
  • The pregnant woman is "too poor to raise a child." I write from experience; poor children are happy children given parental love.
  • "The career or education of the woman is ruined." A life is much more precious than a career, yet it is possible to be educated and pregnant, and to have a career at the same time. The government even gives financial aid to mothers-to-be in this predicament.
  • "The pregnancy may result from rape." My own relative was a product of rape, and both mother and baby did quite well! She was a very happy child and woman who has now passed on. Children think little of how they were conceived, but about their happiness being alive!
  • "One must save the mother's life." This is a lame excuse in these times. The goal is to save both lives, and without repressive laws, the mother's life historically always was of utmost importance. The goal must continue to be to save both lives.
  • "The baby may be born with deformities." This is most often used for Down's Syndrome babies, the most happy of the lot. As they desire to enjoy life, their life is just a little inconvenient. It is Hitlerian to destroy the less fit. Indeed, the heresy of survival of the fittest, is morally cruel, and is contrary to the doctrine of Jesus.
  • Then there are the pitiful excuse of "the mother's health." Courts have stretched that ill-defined condition to the extreme. Even one girl who got an abortion was to avoid the stress of not looking good in her bikini! Sure, a few women have problems during gestation, most of which are quite normal given the hormonal changes in their bodies. This excuse is just that. It's a matter of their inconvenience. They might get stressed out or throw up, among other things, but there are medicines available which can help.
The reader gets the idea. Happiness of a future child is not dependent on how poor they are, their abnormality, or their means of conception. Those are the excuses of society for legalizing barbarianism!

Now let us look at the evil empire - the Third Reich. They were the most cruel since Ghengis Khan. They used abortion as a means of controlling the births of undesirables: those people who were deemed unfit or unhealthy - mentally or physically. They aborted the babies of women of lesser races for population control. Indeed, their essential doctrine was survival of the fittest, and believing that only Aryans were fit.

Margaret Sanger was as Nazi as was Hitler himself. She propagated sexual freedom so that she could commit adultery in a safe manner in her open marriage. She also sought to control undesirables from being born through birth control and abortion - mostly the black race! This tramp of a woman who was most cruel in her methods, is the founder and idol of Planned Parenthood - the organization which "gases" pre-born infants that they consider to be mere "sub-human parasites." Unwanted babies are the "Jewish Problem" in post-Hitlerian days! Abortion is their "final solution". 

Almost the entire German population supported the Nazi cause. They are responsible for the deaths of millions by genocide. Abortion is modern-day genocide and the general public are the Nazis - even those Christians who stand idly by, and just sing a little louder, so as not to hear their conscience!

The point to this commentary is to reveal to those who have turned a deaf ear, the barbarity and inhumanity of abortion. God cannot be happy with his creation who destroys what he creates. God gifts people with children. They are the product of multiplication which is good. When we become as gods and make the decision who to let live or not, then we commit the ultimate sin. Like David, we can even murder to cover our sins.

There is a time for choice. In that, I am pro-choice. The time for that is when one makes the decision to have sex or not to have. Even the ignorant women are intelligent enough to understand that penetration may result in pregnancy! Careless women who choose abortion are testifying to their own ignorance at best, or irresponsibility. Heaven forbid that they have consequences for their own stupidity. Include men in that too! They are just as bad.

The cure for abortion is obedience. We are to live righteously for God. Of course, God is considered repressive to those Marxists who propagate abortion. Did I say that totalitarians use abortion for the good of the state? You women who think that you're independent are merely doing what the state wants you to do. The serpent deceives you time and time again!

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