Sunday, September 7, 2014

Politics: Dr. Tim Hulsey on War is Real except in Obamaland

Obama thinks that, in the twenty-first century, countries and individuals no
longer think of violent confrontation to settle a difference or fulfill a need.
He’s as out of touch with history and reality as he is with the Qur’an he
studied in grade school and the Constitution he studied in Law School.

The ongoing tribal, religious, intra-, and international conflicts just haven’t
registered on his agenda.

Since there has been no sustained period in global human history that war has
not existed, why does Obama think the twenty-first century is different. Is his
personal charisma strong enough, in his mind, to intimidate or soften enemies?

Some suggest that warring is part of human nature. Margaret Meade felt that it
was an invention that needed to be replaced with a better invention- a
nonviolent method of conflict resolution. Unfortunately, ideal solutions can’t
be mandated on every human on the globe. Aspects of human nature such as greed,
prejudice, zealotry, et al, aren’t displaced by idealism.

Conflict is certainly not resolved because Obama doesn’t want to be bothered
with it. Sticking his head in the sand is not just dangerous for him. It’s
dangerous for all American citizens, whom he is constitutionally bound by oath
to protect.

Constantly downgrading our military capability while chaos and conflict reign in
much of the world isn’t smart, especially as our traditional enemies, China and
Russia, are mobilizing. Nor is alienating our allies because of his personal

In Obamaland, we run the risk of being unprepared for aggression by large or
small powers following political or religious agendas. We will also lack the
capability of preventing conflict by intimidation, which is just as bloodless as

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