Friday, June 24, 2016

Alone But Not

As I walked alone who should I spy?
Walking alone with me was only I!
Afraid was I, but who did I fear?
It's fear of what my mind may hear.

When I'm alone voices are busy.
They tease me often 'til I'm dizzy.
A brash voice says to do what I may.
A loving voice says do what I say!

A choice is left up for me to do.
It's between me and others two.
Who shall influence me the most?
Shall I be meek or shall I boast?

If I choose wrongly my reward is fun.
If I choose wisely my gift is the Son.
The first is to worship my god me.
The other choice the one who set me free!

Choose wisely I always must!
Shall he be evil or the One who's just?
I think I'll take freedom from sin.
I'd rather not suffer the serpent's den.

Now I walk not alone with I.
I have a companion 'til I die!
Some think I speak to only me.
But God knows it's to him it be!

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