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Personality Tests

"Personality" are all the characteristics which make a person who they are. Each person is unique and this uniqueness identifies one specific person. Tests which generalize endeavor to take that uniqueness and make the individual part of the herd. With that said people rush to see if they are bulls, bears, weasels or snakes in terms of who they are!

I like being "me". There are no others like me. I have no twin who has my identity. Actually, to me I am my god. I don't like that, neither does God, but that's who I am. Others are their own god as well. It's our own person who is our other god besides God! As such people choose to know about their own favorite subject: ME! In philosophy there are two key things people desire to know: 1) What is truth? and 2) Why am I here? If the truth be known, it's not truth we seek, but self-adoration!

God is a jealous God. Of whom is he jealous? It's not idols of stone, wood nor even gold! He is jealous of the idol "the flesh" which each of the other gods have. Ironically, God intended to create perfect people because we were created in his image. That was despoiled by giving us uniqueness; a personality! The trait that most identifies who we are is "will".  The "will" is a faculty of the mind to select the strongest desire from all those available. It doesn't stand alone. It's right there with the other human faculties of the mind: reason and understanding. In fact these three faculties make up who we are! They become our personhood and what is displayed is the personality.

Part of the question "Why am I here? is easily answered in truth. You are here by the grace of God because God wants us to love him. He expects that. We are to demonstrate that love by loving others. That's just the way it is. God made us that way!

In order to demonstrate love we have certain traits. Personality is how we show people that we love them, and effectively show God our affection for him. We are either "those who love" or "those who don't love". You want to be part of a group? Well, here ya go! You are a lover or you're not! I'm not speaking of erotic love, but friendship love of others as each loves himself, and this to show our love to God. It's a given: Everyone loves oneself! Because we're human and inherited pride from Adam, we may worship God, but it's in competition with how much we love our self.

What we're told to do by God is to love others as much as we do our own self! That's a hard task. If we show that we love others, our love for God is validated! How the person presents love to others is the personality of the individual. Some show it outwardly with strong affection and emotion. Others don't show it well and most people show it somewhere in between! It's not strong love we show if we are into our own self; what Jung would classify as introverted. 

Those who can love are "righteous" and those who can't are "unrighteous". The difference being "sin" which is actually the inability for our person to love or not to love; to do right or not do right! This boils down to two types of personalities: righteous verses sinful.

Loving others is righteous and showing love is what's right. The person's ability to demonstrate that is their personality. It's not really how outward the emotion is for even sinful people can make a show of it. It's the sincerity of the love you do show! It's much like the John Deere commercial: "It's not how fast you mow, but how well you mow fast!"  With personality "It's not how outwardly you show love, but how sincere is the love you show!"

Each person (personality) was created in the image of God. In fact he said "in OUR image"! He said that because although there is one God, he has three personalities: Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost!  If we look at the three, we were created in God's image and he said "our image". Therefore, we have three personalities, all three of the same essence. All are righteous. When we use the will, which we are free to use, we can either be "right" with our desires or sinful.

A "person" is an individual human. The traits of a person are what is called "personality". Psychologists define personality by inborn traits. Hence, personality are there before the person is born. It is generally accepted that personality is a system and complements all the other systems. As each system emerges and matures, personality does at the same rate so that each support the other. As such a person is born with a personality! It's not something bestowed after what I have termed "the birth canal crawl", the dance of those trying to be born!

At the moment of conception people are created. When the traits of the individual are incubated, a personality is formed. Therefore, when the embryo is formed the embryonic personality exists. After that the personality develops and during gestation, personhood has already been attained!

This concept is in agreement with God's word. Animals, so God says, are created after their own kind and man after God. We ARE special because people are persons and they have personalities before they are born.

Since persons are created in the image of the personalities of the Trinity, our own personalities are similar. The personality akin to "the Father" is the need to be loved and to create. The need of the Spirit is to nurture and comfort and the need akin to the Son is to teach and  protect. As such persons with personality are born with mind (God), soul (Holy Spirit) and flesh (Jesus Christ). Our mind processes the guidance provided to our soul by the Holy Spirit to direct the flesh. This process of interacting is dependent on the personality.

As I mentioned "will" is part of the personality. It's a facility of the mind which guides the soul and determines how the flesh will behave. The behavior of the flesh is how the personality manifests itself. It's a complicated process that only persons (people) have because we are peculiar in that we are made in kind with God!

The "will" wants to do certain things. Some will to do pleasurable things. That is sin and is more the outcome of what Jung labeled the extrovert. On the other hand a few are more concerned with things eternal, are meek and do the will of God. These are usually what Jung would call the most introverted. The extrovert presents the self for all to see. The introvert displays affection for God rather than attention to self. Most are some place in between.

Personality is of God and from God. He created our personality. What Freud called the "ego" or the "I" is the same as what God called the EGO or worship of "self". Extroverts are self-absorbed and their ego is intact. Introverts suppress the ego and focus on others, maybe even God! These are the meek who shall inherit the earth!

Carl Jung is an analytical psychologist who developed the concepts of introversion and extroversion; opposite models to explain the personality. The Meyers-Briggs Personality Test is based on Jung's analytical psychology. This man was evil from a Christian standpoint. His idea for personality types did not come from God, but from principalities. In a séance he communicated with a twelve-years old girl who instructed him in his thought processes. His "individualism"concept is the key to personality in his viewpoint. Much of this came to Jung from Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Gnosticism and Taoism. In other words what he presents as "science" is no more than eastern religion, oriental thought and Christian heresy!

I believe, from his contact with the dead and paganism, that Jungian psychology is from demons. What naïve people study in Psychology 101 are words from the devil and deceive even many Christians who take their God-given personality and use evil to guide it! Personality tests have no use other than to deceive! I have taken the same test several times. My personality is different each time. This test is no better than astrology or any other forbidden arts of the dark and are a mere method to deceive!

All Christians need to know are two personalities: the righteous and the sinner. Those of us who claim to be righteous live "right" in the image mankind was created. All the sinner needs to know is that his or her personality needs to change from wrong to right! The nefarious personality is the "old person" and the righteous personality is the "new person". Old and new persons have old and new personalities. Adam was created new with a new personality. He did what he willed and not being meek, he snubbed God. When he did wrong his meekness turned to pride. He went from being a Jungian introvert to a Jungian extrovert. His soul died that day.

Now we people (persons with personality) can become Jungian introverts again. We can sacrifice our self a living sacrifice and become a new creation thanks to God's grace in sacrificing his own son for us! Being a Christian is throwing out the desire to be validated (extroversion) and it being replaced with a desire to notice (or serve) God (introversion).

We don't need Jung for anything! He just gets in our way in focusing on our own person. It's God who we should query in dealing with our personality. Jungian archetypes are devilish and the collective unconscious are our evil inheritance from Adam, both being key elements of analytical psychology!

By turning to evil people for guidance we disrespect God. When we heed tests provided as tools from the devil, it's the devil's deceit with which we are beguiled! Christians need to quit worrying about whether they are extroverts or introverts. They need to pay attention to whether they are old persons or new, and Jesus Christ defines the difference, not Carl Jung. Stay away from psychobabble. It was more than language which God scrambled. It was human reason as well!


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