Thursday, July 21, 2016

The Devil is a Demagogue

Is this accurate?
John 8:31 "Then said Jesus to those Jews which believed on him, If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed; 32 And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. 36 If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed."
The Jews were in bondage, not to slave masters, but to lies, and as such they were bound to Satan. Why? Because they believed a lie! Their religious leaders and their government said "Do all these things and you shall be rewarded with eternity in heaven." The deception here is that by DOING they would deserve reward. The truth is that by FAITH they shall be saved by GRACE!

 The Jewish leaders weren't necessarily evil people. They taught and demanded what they considered to be the right thing. They were sincere people, but sincerely wrong people because they had been misled. The patriarchs of old taught truth, but the devil twisted it. There was some truth in what they taught, but the essentials were falsehoods. Satan always uses the concept of goodness to slip in evil. This is demagoguery!

Leaders who have an agenda get adherence by false promises which are based on emotion rather than reason. To reason effectively one considers truth. Emotion is based on perceptions. Demagogues manipulate the emotions of the people to create a reality which is false.

For instance Hitler, to further his agenda, promised the Germans prosperity, but to gain adherents, he convinced most of the people that the Jews were the cause of the economic depression. He incited hate to divide the people and the people believed because he used innocent Jews as a scapegoat.

The National Socialist Workers Party (NAZI's) even had a "Propaganda Minister", Joseph Geobbels. His words were :

“Think of the press as a great keyboard on which the government can play.”  
In other words Goebbels got the press to get others to accept the killing of innocent people! Sure, the people denied it happened until  the holocaust was exposed after the war when the Allies required the nice German people to witness first hand in the death chambers that which they had so easily turned a blind eye. They failed to see truth because effective demagogues gave them good things! Those blinded people were rewarded with pride and prosperity while the Jews were rewarded with persecution and death. Those free things the German socialists provided were costly. Prosperity came on the backs of dying people, yet the majority of the people were happy! Demagogues had deceived them in accepting the impossible: people killing people for "good"!

Note that the socialists were the demagogues, the people the gullible, but the tool was the press! The media, usually consisting of "enlightened" progressive thinkers are the screw drivers which screw the masses. It's their opportunity to create a false Utopia which they help design! Not because they are evil, but they are sincerely wrong. They are easily deceived because most of them are godless and their hearts inclined toward evil. How can one fend off the devil when they fail to carry the sword? Few people in the media believe the sword (the Word of God) and leave themselves open to the fiery darts of Satan. It's demagogues who ignite the fiery darts!

America is not immune because the citizens of these states believe the lie. God's Word is fornicated by religious leaders and false promises are made by politicians. Both have their demagogues. False teachers in churches teach that sin is of no consequence and that congregants are free to do what's right in their own eyes.

Churches allow homosexuals to preach and teach even though God destroyed whole cities, even the earth with water, because of their rebellious lifestyle. Some churches have abortion rights groups where sacred life stokes the fires of Molech... and it's the church which propagates these things! They are in league with the devil. They are a result of demagogues! They intend to do good, but they rely on their emotions! God's justice seems so wrong to them so they too do what's right in their own eyes!

Our government is based on solid, reasonable, fair and  moral principles. God had a hand in the laws of the land because those who loved and feared God instituted fair laws. Since then politicians have rent the Constitution until it's in pieces because of sincere concern, but sincerely wrong concerns!

Just like the National Socialists some in politics have their demagogues. It's to play on the emotions of the people. Logic and reason is set aside when sweet carrots are offered to the voters, but in return they are contaminated with the stench of rotten diseases. The victims of the demagogues are paid to be emotional. "These are good carrots and are healthy for you!" while they destroy the fabric of greedy people who are beguiled. Saul Alinsky,  Hillary Clinton's mentor, called these people "useful idiots" because they are fooled so easily!

In order for demagogues to deceive they must have many people who are easily deceived. Those are "the useful idiots"! They are the ones demonstrating naked in Cleveland to defy Donald Trump. They are the ones Black Lives Matter organization can use to foment discontent. Just as with National Socialism the American socialists conquer by dividing. They have turned this nation into a nation of haters by pitting women against men, the poor against the wealthy who feed them, the secular against the Christian, blacks against the whites, and now the perverse against the normal! Those engaged in this battle on the side of emotion are the same "useful idiots" socialism needs to divide and conquer!

Demagogues of course infest  both of the main political parties. However, the Democrat Party, who call themselves "Democratic", purvey a constant barrage of emotionally targeted lies to get useful idiots to react and they are bribed with free things., mostly false promises which usually destroy the most people. Useful idiots do things like vote for politicians who favor abortion when it's their own race or sex which is most often the victims of the scalpel. They use words such as "safe abortion"! How can that be? Dying "safely" is an oxymoron, but useful idiots believe a lie because progressives have manipulated their emotions!

Phrases such as "Women have a right to do what they want with their own bodies," appeal to the emotional "freedom of choice", but the outcome is killing the body of another person! It's not their own bodies which die, but an innocent child's! Useful idiots believe these lies because demagogues feed on their emotions to the extent that reason is seldom used!

You, useful idiot, are victims too! It's you who suffer in the background while smiling all the time. After you are used and your stupidity is no longer needed, then demagogues just find a different source of useful idiots! Note that in the beginning Nazi demagogues used homosexuals to gain power and control. On "The Night of the Long Knives" homosexual generals and their lovers were murdered in their beds. These useful idiots were no longer needed. Today demagogues divide us using our sexual preferences as the way to our emotions. You folks are being used as useful idiots by demagogues!

"The truth WILL set you free!" Jesus said that. If you rely on the Son, the Son shall make you free and you will indeed be free! Right now even Christians are being deceived. They listen to the media criticism of Trump and those who have divided the Republican Party with their demagoguery. Sure, Trump has his faults as does the Republican Party, but both are icing compared to the Democrats arsenic. Even you Christians are becoming their useful idiots because you listen to Democrats and the media feed on your emotions twenty-four hours each day. Just remember, once your vote is in, useful idiots are no longer needed! Let the truth set you free indeed!

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