Friday, November 18, 2016

On Marijuana: Letter-to-editor

Many states, contrary to Federal Law, are legalizing recreational marijuana. One person's recreation is society's catastrophe. MJ is a malady which hides it's evil truth to those who lack discernment.

The most stupid thing I ever did was to start smoking cigarettes before I knew their danger. Only after my health was impaired and I was emotionally addicted, did I realize my own stupidity. It's damage is done and cannot be undone!

Compared to cigarettes or even alcohol, MJ is a cornucopia of unknown compounds whose effects and affects are little known. It is known that MJ has eighteen times more tar than cigarettes (MJ cough) and robs the user of motivation. They may deny the latter, but others know the truth!

The most pitiful thing with MJ is seeing otherwise sane looking people sucking on bongs or nurturing roaches. By doing so they step in the gutter of human weakness. Who is to protect me and my loved ones from those who drive high? Who is to protect me from the surgeon who just enjoyed a hit? No one can!

People get killed to bring MJ to selfish users. People get killed by users who drive high. Careers get killed because users think more of immediate gratification than for reality.

MJ is not benign. Users are self-abusers and suppliers are criminals. When MJ becomes legal it's the government which becomes the criminal. Just as abortion kills and is denied, MJ wounds and those who defend it are in denial.

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