Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Aftermath

In 2007 people voted for hope and change. The direction of change was unspecified and liberalism offered false hope.

Now our Creator saw fit to change the direction of the country. Indeed, our prayers must be for God's will, but powers will still be working for disruption. It is the duty of every Christian to provide prayer and guidance to Mr. Trump. He was a David as he sinned. Perhaps he can be a David who rules a man after God's own heart.

Christians can tell him through our representatives what God wills. The Abrahamic Covenant bases our prosperity on obedience to God and respect for him. If our nation is righteous we shall be blessed again. We can be great again!

Greatness is far from how many babies lose their lives for convenience or how tolerant we are of wrong. It's how obedient we are to God's desire and how much we love each other.

Love is tough-love. Some of us are hard to love. Political correctness has to stop because if we truly love we must rebuke. It's better to hurt feelings than destroy eternal lives!

In order to obey God and do God's will, we must be sober people. The tolerance of drugs including marijuana must be stopped. Drug usage and making America great again are mutually exclusive. The talk of legalizing marijuana must stop. It's the soma which is the pathway to destruction. Those who use marijuana are the living dead because it's the self which they are pleasuring. God loves the burning of incense to him, but MJ is the aroma of the devil and the pathway to destruction.

Behind many sins are alcohol and drugs because they remove inhibitions. Even unplanned pregnancies would reduce if those inhibitions from God are restored!

Crimes are committed for drug money. Women and even men prostitute themselves  for drug money, People kill people to bring you drugs. Then people kill each other for drugs.

As far as I can see the elimination of the drug industry is paramount for obedience. That should be Trump's top priority! The federal government needs to enforce drug laws and pave the way for sobriety and a motivated work force and educational system. Think about these things and pray for Trump to be what God wills for him. He is to be David. We can pray that he is!

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