Thursday, November 24, 2016

Why One and Not the Other

In the cold harbor of New York,
standing tall on Bledloe's Island,
Liberty holds the enlightened torch.
She holds it high to guide those lost.

Liberty stands tall and rules the way,
but where is God who made the bay?
Where is Jesus who ascended high?
Lost at sea perhaps may the answer be!

Liberty is the Roman goddess -
She can be hailed to those who enter.
Those who come may be seeking God,
But far they come to honor Libertas.

But God is who they seek in this new land.
It's God who gives the freedom they seek!
But in the harbor where is God?
It's Libertas standing there who rules the bay.

Let's suppose that commandments were there.
Those coming in would know freedom's rules.
But in the bay,  God's not there.
We've become a nation of fools.

At Fountain Square in my home city.
Ceres, Pomona, Melpomene and Flora stand,
but where is God I implore of you?
Where are his commandments for you to see?

Gods of the Romans they all are.
Goddesses of grain, fruit, tragedy and flowers.
But where is the God of who created it all?
He can't be found on Fountain Square!

Gods of stone are most highly favored,
but our true God is deplorable to man.
Commands written in stone can't be there,
but false Gods stand above the law.

The time has come for seekers of fairness
to point toward this awkward dilemma.
Why is it that pagan Gods of evil  men
can stand in America, but God the creator can't?

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