Friday, December 30, 2016

Mere Man to Superman

There are two realms: one is a natural world constructed of material, and hence is visible; the other is a supra-natural entity always there, but always unseen because what is there is there, but a prerequisite for it's visibility is a supernatural power only obtained by superpowers.

In jest I always comment about obtaining superhuman capabilities and becoming Superman. Because his flesh was born on Krypton, but his existence was on earth, the man of steel had superpowers as long as he wasn't exposed to the evil of kryptonite!

I am not superman as we know him. I never will be! But I am in another sense. My new Krypton is the realm of the Spirit, but my kryptonite is my own flesh in this world. Yesterday I wrote on the flesh as the receptor of earthly pleasures. My flesh, when indulged, is always my kryptonite. In it's presence I am weak, and Lex Luthar, who supplies the kryptonite to destroy me, is symbolic of the agents of Satan.

Whereas, a rocket ship carried Kal-El from Krypton and he became Superman on earth, it is another vehicle which carries me from one realm to another. That vehicle is Light which is obtained through enlightenment as I am born-again, no longer Kal-El, but Super-Larry. I obtain miraculous power and immortality as I travel from one realm to the next and my ship is powered by faith!
Romans 8:9 (ESV) "You, however, are not in the realm of the flesh but are in the realm of the Spirit, if indeed the Spirit of God lives in you. "
We must take care that we truly are saved from this world, not Krypton, but planet earth by getting on the ship so to speak. Scripture teaches that to be born again, and given a new chance in a new world, just as Kal-El was saved from Krypton, we must accept the ticket to ride on that spiritual ride who's destination is the Kingdom of God, his spiritual realm.

Where do we obtain faith? It is available for free everywhere, and surely, as most people, the reader likes "free things". Faith is a gift of God, but it also requires effort. Just as Kal-El got on the ship prepared for him by his father, we must accept the "ride" from God our Father. Faith is provided by God's Holy Spirit, but we must accept it. The first step is to believe in Jesus Christ, and trust that he died for our sins, and accept him as savior.

Krypton exploded right after Kal-El left it's influence. He was saved by escaping it's damaging rays called kryptonite. When we are made safe, is when the world has no effect on our flesh because it is protected by God's Holy Spirit as we travel from the realm of the flesh to the realm of the Spirit, the Kingdom of God!

We are made safe, just as Kal-El with his new identity of Superman was made safe. He became a new person, the man of steel with super-human powers.

Likewise, when we change our allegiance from the flesh to the Spirit, we become new creatures, and fueled by God's Spirit, we have power over life and death. Hate is our kryptonite. When our Lex Luthar brings a lump of hate to our presence, we are weakened. If exposed to it too long we will surely die. We must be careful. Kal-El was saved from destruction only one time! We can be save only once as well.

Lex Luthar was Superman's nemesis. Satan is ours. Lex was limited by what he could do. It was kryptonite he used to foil Superman. It is sin which can foil us. It's harmful rays bring eventual death. However, we are protected by a special shield just as Superman was protected by a layer of lead between him and his kryptonite. Our protection is the whole armor of God! If we wear it with trust, and renew it with the word, it shall always be effective against all forms of kryptonite!

Our Lex Luthar always looks for chinks between the armor. He shoots his barbs there to bring us down and expose us to his vile element. If we submit to the devilish Luthar we shall surely die, but if we turn to the Father, he protects us:
James 4:7 "Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you."
Superman never caves in. He always struggles to crawl away from the poisonous kryptonite. Eventually a miracle always came about and he was saved. If we trust in God, he will provide. He is our super-power: the Holy Spirit living in us, for if we are in the Spirit, we are not of this world. We have journeyed from the realm of the flesh (the world) to the realm of the Spirit (the Kingdom of God).

Part of being born again, a Superman, in a supra-natural realm, is trusting that it's there. It is, for if it was not, God would not have told us so! When I became enlightened, that I can never save myself, but Jesus can, I went from evil-mannered Larry Herrin to the man of steel, mild-mannered Supra-man as Lex Luthar was undermined! He will be destroyed someday as I watch from the Kingdom of God!

One person had hope as the entire planet of Krypton was destroyed. Kal-El traveled far and endured as his planet was destroyed. He was made safe on the rocket-ship and was saved as he entered the atmosphere of earth. On the other hand we are made safe on the earth, but are saved in the New Jerusalem, paradise or heaven, as we call it. Until then, we may have a bumpy ride as asteroids collide with us, but in the end those who persevere shall be saved. We must always have faith in the saving blood of Jesus which covers our ship and guides and protects it!

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