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"Tolerance" is merely the indulgence of opinions which differ from our own. "Intolerance" is the opposite: An unwillingness o indulge others opinions. People do have a right to their own opinion, regardless whether the opinion is based on sound facts or not! We all know some people without education, training, maturity or experience who have opinions on everything. Without credentials their opinions are as worthless as toilet paper, and any rational person can be expected to be intolerant of their ignorance. Hence, intolerance is not hate, and equating intolerance with hate trivializes the word "hate".

It's true that we're to love everyone, even our enemies. What does love entail? True love is not wanting anyone to perish ala "for God so loved the world... for those who believe in him (Jesus) that none should perish, but have eternal life (paraphrasing John 3:16). We are to be likewise, if we are Christ-like. My wish that even corrupt politicians believe on Jesus and not perish. I would hope that even Stalin and Hitler repented before they died, but I don't think they did! The evil Tsar Peter the Great repented on his deathbed. Good for him! That is true love, desiring that even the worst people have eternal life!

That fits the expression of "love the sinner". The rest of the story is "but, hate the sin!" This saying is not a particular verse in the Bible, but it is the theme of the entire Bible! "Hate sin... love others" is implored throughout scripture. Hating sin is what the world calls "intolerant" because they believe that it's a good thing to be open-minded. Open-mindedness is only an attribute when it doesn't go against God's will. Being against sin, hence in opposition to the sinner, " is a good thing providing the person deals with their own sins first!
Matthew 7:2 "What judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again."
We can judge, but it must be just and fair. This is clarified by:
Luke 6:37 "Judge not, and ye shall not be judged: condemn not, and ye shall not be condemned: forgive, and ye shall be forgiven:"
The exception to the judgment rule is that it shall not be overly harsh by condemning. Therefore, those who fairly are of the opinion, not harsh, have all rights to confront others who are of a different opinion. Why? To save them from their error which may condemn them to hell. That is love, not hate. For instance condoning sin is sentencing the condoned to hell because their chances of redemption is lessened. By being tolerant of their sin is condemning them to eternal death. That is true hatred!

By judging whether others are right with God is the first step in the loving action of telling them about the hope in Jesus. That judgment is having an opinion. The judged person is of a different opinion, but allowing the person to proceed with false ideas leads to death. The intolerant (sic) person should and must take all measures to challenge false opinions. Again... that is not hatred if done with the right motives.

We are not to tolerate the beliefs of the sinner. We need to examine the purpose of scripture. Some of the stated purposes are to admonish (teach), reprove, rebuke and correct. In fact scripture says this:
2 Timothy 4:2 "Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all long suffering and doctrine."
To reprove means to reprimand. That's not very tolerant is it? But God doesn't call us to be tolerant, but to rebuke, or to sharply criticize those whose opinions or behaviors are wrong!

Jesus is tolerant to a degree. He is patient with his children who are disobedient, but eventually Jesus will punish those who are not obedient for they demonstrate no love for him. His patience is tolerance, but when the time is gone, he must be just. He is intolerant of those who refuse to change! We must be the same with people so that others have an opportunity to be judged "well done!"

Therefore, Holy Scripture is NOT about tolerance; it is about obedience! We are called to reprove and rebuke. That's how we show love to others and God. It's because we are to care about people and God!

The P.C. Police have contaminated the concept of intolerance just as they have race. Now, just as everyone with whom they disagree is a racist, so are all those of a different opinion, hateful. We are to test things by the use of scripture and the things from the mouths of these demonic influences have little muster in God's eyes.

Love others by confronting them. Let the P.C. Police cringe. They will crawl and beg on judgment day unless they accept Jesus. Intolerance? Yes. I'm in no way required to tolerate sin!

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