Sunday, April 16, 2017

Book Titles Available

KIDS OF THE KORN (Click here to view this Kindle Book).

The Kidd children take a journey through the cornfield in search of the prize at the end of their path. Along the way they meet some of the Korn Kiids of the Kornson family, and they learn together the doctrines of God as they share their faith. Kobby, Tassle, Pop Korn, Kernal Korn, Mama Maize and several other korn characters learn with them. This book is geared for middle school age readers and above. Although, it is to teach youngsters, adults can learn much as well.

The book teaches faith, love, grace, patience, purity, and essential doctrine for salvation. Lessons are learned as the youngsters travel and meet Worm, Bumble Bee, Snake, Stalk, and a man with cancer running the course; Herald Runner.

The book is intended to teach not only doctrine, but also vocabulary. As such difficult words are defined and religious concepts are explained. This text is intended to be an interesting, fun, and simple way to learn about God.

Credit must be given to Pilgrim's Progress by John Bunyan, the second most read work behind the Holy Bible, for the concept for this book.

THE SKULL OF ADAM (Click here to view the Kindle Book or purchase a paperback or hard cover)

In Holy Scripture, words mean things! Why is the "place of the skull" so important when three of the four Gospels mention Golgotha? Inquiring minds long before ago answered that question!
It may not be because the rock formation resembles a skull. It may have deeper meaning. Perhaps as some church fathers believed, Adam is buried on Calvary.
In this book, that contention is explored. Did Adam lose his significance at his death, or is there a link throughout the Scripture? That may never be known, but the thought is intriguing.
This is a work of fiction, but in the stories of biblical characters, there seems to be much more implied than said. John made that clear when he wrote his Gospel. Since Jesus was here in the beginning, where was he? He was always there! He still is always with us!
The skull of Adam is used herein to present essential doctrines in a casual conversational manner. It is all about the mystery of God. The mystery revealed is that in all times, the Scripture is all about Jesus.
What is said in these conversations explain the words of Jesus before he was ever born.

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