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Lilith: First Lady?

Lilith was the first feminist but most Christians don't know who Lilith was! Of course, my view is that feminism is of the occult, and socialistic at the same time. Socialism foments division among different peoples to upset the institutionals of society, but ironically feminists are a tool of old white men who want power for themselves. In essence, feminists are tools of fools. How is it of the occult?

Christianity, to be truthful, does give men dominion over women. It can be argued that it is more of a partnership, but in truth men are given more power. Sure, there were a few powerful women in the Bible, but in general, power was given to the male. (Please don't be offended and stop here. Read on because all is not bad for the woman).

Of course, Adam was given dominion over everything, which is presumably woman as well (Gen. 1:26), and God created for Adam a helper (Gen. 2:18).
Genesis 3:16 "Unto the woman he said, I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception; in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children; and thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee."
Eve, representing womankind, was to be ruled by her husband. Note that God didn't set up Eve's secondary role as a burdensome task, but that her desire shall be for her husband. She had disobeyed by assuming the role of the man when she essentially became priest as she was deceived by the serpent. Because Adam was to have dominion over all creatures, including the serpent, it was Adam's role to rebuke the false teachings of that wily animal. However, Eve did that. It wasn't her role and she usurped God's assignment: she was to multiply and nourish, and be a helper for Adam. Instead she, although naked, put on Adam's pants while Adam stood idly by and watched her being deceived. Hence, Eve sinned but Adam was held accountable because of it. As I've said before, Eve was the first feminist and Adam the first wus.

Any rule that God made is desired to be broken by those He created. That is human nature and is original sin. Because of Eve's deception, and Adam's submission, it is our nature to be against God's will. It takes work to fight this nature. That work is called obedience. That we must do to show God our love although sin tugs at our heartstrings.

I mentioned that feminism is a tool of old men to manipulate women. Dark age Jewish scholars  created feminism with what is called a Midrash. There are two accounts of the creation (Gen. Chapters 1 and 2).  Most Christians accept these two chapters, the first the creation, and the second a recapitulation of it with more detail. There was only one creation. There was no story of a first creation, its destruction, then a later creation. In the beginning happened only once, but Jewish old men ages ago created a fiction of two creations.

They also found mention of Lilith in the Old Testament:
Isaiah 34:14 "The wild beasts of the desert shall also meet with the wild beasts of the island, and the satyr shall cry to his fellow; the screech owl also shall rest there, and find for herself a place of rest."
"Screech owl" is a transliteration of the Hebrew word liyliyth because the translators didn't know what to make of that word. In English liyliyth is "Lilith".  The direct translation is "night spectre" from Strongs's number 3915. The definitions of specter is: a visible disembodied spirit :  ghost; or something that haunts or perturbs the mind : phantasm. (Merriam-Webster Dictionary). Midrash is a method of creating stories to fill in the perceived gaps in scripture. It seemed that liyliyth needed explanation, and old Jewish men conceived the two creations story to fill the gap!

That identifies Lilith, not as an owl, but as an evil spirit. She was never a person but a spirit masquerading as one. Time has placed on her certain duties: she is the woman who has dominion over men at night and cause nocturnal eruptions. In mythology Lilith is represented as a serpent. Perhaps it was her spirit who was in the serpent in the garden because snakes weren't evil It wasn't the voice of the serpent; it was a fallen angel or perhaps Satan himself!

Lilith became the great whore which perplexed men. Nearly all men have the thorn of Lilith in their side. Paul understood that, perhaps when he encouraged marriage to burning (Lilith or lusting). Certainly Lilith is a real existence, but certainly not womankind, let alone the first woman!

Because of her dominance, sexual promiscuity, and her prowess in destroying babies in the womb and afterward, feminists have adopted Lilith as their prototypical woman (HuffPost the Blog; "On International Women’s Day, A History of Lilith. Was She a Demon or the First Feminist We Know?"; 3/12/2015; Dora Levy Mossanen). Hence, we have an evil spirit who is used to represent the cult of feminism.

Many women are feminists without ever knowing, not only of its Marxism, but also it's occult nature!  Lilith is the succubus in Aleister Crowley's De Arte Magica - his book of the occult.  True, Lilith was the first succubus -  the phantasm which, according to Wikipedia is: "a  Lilin-demon in female form, or supernatural entity... that appears in dreams and takes the form of a woman in order to seduce men, usually through sexual activity". Seducing is a way of dominance, and thus Lilith becomes a feminist!

Eve was deceived by the serpent, perhaps Lilith, and thus performed the sin of feminism. It may be possible, as many theologians believe, that eating of the fruit, was sexual in nature because Adam and Eve immediately covered their genitals out of shame. My own belief is that rather than procreation, they used sex as recreation. In other words, God didn't create a woman whose nature was Lilith; it was the fallen angel who assumed the role of Lilith and entered the serpent, and made Eve a feminist. This makes sense since feminism seeks, to the extreme, sexual independence. Their desire is to sin just like the men do - and openly so.

The product of sexual independence is the effect -  babies. Abortion is a by-product of sexual liberation, and fits the character of the demon Lilith.

Essentially, Lilith did exist in the Garden of Eden and now in the character of dominance-seeking women. We're not talking about equal pay because that is secondary. It's sexual liberation which feminists seek first, and abortion is the ticket to that sexual freedom! Lilith still lives, not only in the spirit world, but also in the hearts of women who hate their role that God assigned to them.

One note: God didn't create dictator and serf. He created man and woman to work in unity. Man's dominance cannot be used as a way to control but to mediate. There can only be one with whom the buck stops, and like it or not, God picked Adam-kind.

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