Monday, December 2, 2013

Our Garden: Weeds on the heart

One of my first poems to Terri was called “Growing Together” and was published in the book “The Colors of Life”. It was about our marriage yet to come. I likened our relationship to a newly planted garden and the promise of fruits from that garden. It was before we got married. That garden grew!

About year later after our marriage (1997) some “weeds” grew in that marriage garden and I wrote this:

Garden's planted again.
Twas where we were last year.
Prompts a walk down memory's lane.
The time I met my wife so dear.

We planted together a life.
Crop though wasn't good.
She's since my beloved wife.
Been a husband best I could.

Cauliflower failed to grow.
Relationship was in turmoil.
The garden I failed to hoe.
I failed to work the soil.

Marriage was a different story.
We stumbled on sticky burrs.
Said things for which I'm sorry.
Things I said to her.

Planted onions too close to peas.
Causes conflict in the taste.
Spent time on my knees.
Praying marriage was not in haste.

Tomatoes complement the beans.
Cucumbers and melons were too close.
Biggest trouble we've seen...
the greatest of all our woes.

Brought up different I suppose.
Biggest problem overall.
Just as that pretty garden rose...
prettiest rose I ever saw.

That rose has some thorns.
Love her with thoughts so silly.
Honeysuckle grows on the corn...
she's my fragrant little lily!

Time caused weeds to cover.
Covers all that's good we grew.
She's my friend and lover.
She's got charm as do few!

We'll grow together, not apart.
We'll end that old weed patch.
For she's the love of my heart.
She's for me... quite a catch!

I don't remember what was on my heart that day. Some “weed” had taken root. It was significant at that time, but now it has long withered and died. However, I was committed to cut any new weeds before they had taken root. Some I have been able to cut. Others are like quack grass. You pull one leader up and another sprouts as fast. What spray is being used is what's important. Prayer changes things and in its mist, weeds just don't have a chance.

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