Sunday, August 14, 2016

On Ethnocentricism & Diversity

Today more than ever there is division in the world. Nation is divided against nation and people against people.
Mark 13:8  "For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be earthquakes in various places; there will be famines. These are but the beginning of the birth pains."
In politics, division is how Satan works to defeat good. In biblical times when one nation was stronger than another, the implication is that their god is stronger! Today, there are many gods, some newly created, but the worst scenario in western countries is that "no god" is stronger than our God and even Christians are buying into that lie. Atheism is disguised in many ways; but science, psychology, politics and education disguises much of it!

When people divide us by any grouping the result is hate, distrust and eventually chaos and war!

Today we are a divided people. It wasn't divided by outrageously malicious people, but those trying to do good, but goodness without God. One of socialism's main strategies for success is division because division focus on differences and differences causes jealousy and jealousy leads to dissension and dissension lead to hate and hate leads to murder and war. The only one who wins in war is Satan and his emissaries.

Satan uses "good" people to do his evil, but those "good" people are who Saul Alinsky refers to as "useful idiots". Eve was a "useful" idiot. She fell for the serpent's lies even naively so. She had no ill intentions, but merely wanted good free stuff from the tree. To get what she wanted she was manipulated and destroyed by Satan. Who was Satan's enemy? Not  Eve. It was and still is Jesus Christ!

Any division among peoples is a war against Jesus. Satan knows the outcome is his own destruction, but before he's thrown in the fiery pit, his desire is to turn people away from Jesus. Prophecy has told us that he will be quite successful, but in the end, Satan goes down! Naïve people go down with Satan, know he is a loser, but useful idiots fail to understand that they go down with him in spite of all the "good" which they may do.

The world has been divided nation against nation since the beginning. God has been firm in protecting his "chosen people" the Jews because in the end, they come around to Christianity. People hate Jews and always have. Why? Not us, but they are God's chosen people. He made a covenant with Abraham and it was through the Jews that it came about. Jesus Christ is the promise through the Jewish people. They are God's people and they have been blessed and have prospered. Because of their prosperity, jealous and coveting people have warred against them since the nation was formed. Because of their own disobedience, they were dispersed among the nations, but are now one nation again! The hatred of Jews has led to murder as all hatred does!

Jesus did not come to bring peace on earth in the sense that there would be no more wars. He came to bring peace to individuals, but since most deny him, war comes with it. Christianity is divisive because division is a tactic of Satan.
Matthew 10:34  “Do not think that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I have not come to bring peace, but a sword. For I have come to set a man against his father, and a daughter against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law. And a person's enemies will be those of his own household. "
Jesus doesn't bring hate and war. He brings love, but Satan's method is division. Divisions and hatred are the outcome of Christianity because those who obey are persecuted by those fail to submit to Christ!

This commentary is supposed to be about ethnocentricity and diversity, but a little background about Satan's tactics was necessary.

"Ethnocentricity" is the belief of individuals that the group they are in is superior to other groups.

There is truth in there and lies as well. God is superior to all other gods. He is the Almighty God. Therefore, being proud to be of the best and only true religion is a noble thing. Paul spoke of his pride in following Christ. However, those who are not Christians resent this and dissension results! Never should we forsake the truth of Christianity to appease those of other religions!

On the other hand, we now have Afro-Americans, Latin-Americans, Greek-Americans and so forth. We even have Native Americans who are not really natives to this continent. They merely preceded later immigrants!

During the time that I was educated for my undergraduate degree, the motto of America was that it was "the melting pot" of the world. The Statue of Liberty represented that because of the words of the poem by Emma Lazarus "Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free...". Indeed, the masses came and they were Christians, refuges from poverty and persecution. When they came after a spell, they blended because they were mostly Christians. They came to be Americans first! This is a good thing! Immigrants were to trade their ethnocentrism for freedom; their traits for our heritage; their monarchies and dictatorships for liberty!

A few years later in graduate school times had changed. It had become the time when the melting pot was abandoned to diversity!

Diverse people who unite are a blessing. There is strength in unity! Satan knows that and uses his serpents, the humanitarians who mold our nation, to divide us, not only nation against nation, but people against people, blacks against whites, Latinos against whites, Jews against Christians, and Democrat against Republican and vice-versa. Diversity is a punishment from God because a united people who were in rebellion to him built a tower to look to the heavens for guidance. The languages were babbled and the races formed because Satan used "useful idiots" to undermine God. They were doing what was right in their own eyes, but what they did was wrong! This is where diversity started and ever since there have been wars, nations against nations and peoples against peoples!

Diversity is a result of disobedience and is a tool for disobedience. The only one who wins with diversity is Satan and that's only for a time!

Liberals, because they are convinced it's "good", use diversity to propagate the notion of tolerance. Rather than rebuke those who sin, we're to coddle them and stand idly by while they merrily go to hell. Satan smiles at that!

However, power is the greatest motive for diversity. As long as people are aware of their differences their sameness goes unrecognized. Most blacks are Christians. Rather than unite in our faith, society divides us by color. "Afro-American" is a term used to always point out that blacks are different than other Americans.

It's fine to be proud of ones race and even enjoy racial differenes. I believe that some races do have a greater advantage dealt to them in  life for whateve reasons. For Jews they seem to be superior in intelligene and success than all other peoples. I don't credit them, but credit God because it is of God that they prosper! I wish them well. Others hate Jews for being intelligent and successful. Indeed, they being God's chosen people has made them enemies of those who were not chosen!

However, Jews need to look at that, not in pride, but in meekness. That is not to say that they should not be proud of their heritage, but not to hold that over the heads of others.

The same goes for any race. As a race, whites have shared prosperity with the Jews because we follow the same God. Likewise, those of the black race who share our faith tend to be more prosperous and blessed than the ones who do not! You see, it's through God that we are unified and by Satan we are divided. Diversity is a sweet-sounding way perceived as a method to make people proud of their heritage, but in effect, cresates chaos so that certain groups of diversified peoples should be ashamed!

Socialism is successful in division and with diversity they have swiftly divided. The goal of socialism is not for the good of the people, but for the destruction of freedom and the elimination of God in the lives of those who war against their own freedom (useful idiots). Regardless, chaos is the ourcome of division and socialism is the most divisive of all "isms". "Useful idiots" fall for the lie and Saul Alinsky knew they would!

What are we to do? We're to love one another and unite under Jessu Christ. Doesn't it make more sense to unite together because Jesus is love, than under Marx who instigated division and hate? Jesus is the Way!

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