Saturday, July 1, 2017

Creeping Anythings

Nikita Kruschev said something to the effect, "We will bury you from within without firing a shot.” Some deny he ever said that, but I grew up with that quotation from the time he allegedly said it. Without regard, that quotation accurately describes the methods of Marxism. During the subsequent period it was labeled "creeping socialism".  Creeping is obvious - consider the snake and how it slithers with it's venomous surprise on its prey, and the serpent in the Garden whose methods were beguiling.

The serpent represented Satan. I believe it to be a real reptile of some sorts which spoke to Eve. Of course, enlightened people "know" that animals could never have talked, so that is considered mythology by even most Christians. We are convinced by reason that animals can't speak, so effectually, the human mind is accepted over the words of God. Mankind's God becomes Reason - or the goddess Libertas. We even have the statue of "her" in our own New York harbor. Why not? It's Reason that most Americans worship!

In God's realm all things are possible! (Matthew 19:26). We know that Balaam's donkey talked:
Numbers 22:28 "Then the Lord opened the donkey’s mouth, and it said to Balaam, 'What have I done to you to make you beat me these three times?'"
God allowed the serpent to talk just as he used the donkey to point out the tyranny of Balaam. For the serpent, it was not the thoughts of the reptile which were spoken but the very words of Satan vocalized by the animal. The wily serpent used subtlety to persuade Eve to follow Satan's will. His façade was effective -  Satan's will became Eve's will because shortly thereafter Eve convinced Adam that the fruit was not poison. Reason was the process and deception was the confound!

The story of Adam and Eve seems to have happened in one cross-section of time. We do not know how often Eve looked upon the tree and wondered about its fruit. Satan was patient. He probably didn't even introduce the serpent into the scene until Eve was well acclimated. First, the tree's beauty and fruit beckoned her. Desire for better things was created in her heart. It was things beyond what God willed for her and Adam. Then Satan brought forth a spokesman. Since Adam and Eve were alone, he was content with using the snake which slithered up the tree and became a his mouthpiece. This all happened so gradually that Eve was not even startled that the snake spoke! She was even comfortable speaking and listening to a snake! After a spell, patient Satan had a disciple. Eve did his will, and became convinced that evil was "good".

That is the process of socialism. That humanistic ideology is a product of reason. It offers an unobtainable Utopia, a non-existent forbidden fruit, but it's really only fruit that seems to be beautiful and it's taste is actually awful! Some call it socialism, some communism, and others Marxism but the serpent is still of Satan whatever it's name! Marx used the seemingly harmless animal of early socialism to create his beast which took over the tree of deception. The aim of socialism is to provide the fruit of others as an enticement to bondage. Capitalism is the fruit of the Tree of Socialism, and the penalty of eating of that tree is serfdom. Satan still speaks, but the serpent is propaganda. He mostly uses the dumb animal of the media as his voice. Included as snakes are the entertainers and liberal politicians.

The method is the same -  a creeping animal. The way that socialism is presented is as a good fruit in a beautiful tree. The media promotes the picture, and liberals in the government use their wiles to make it acceptable.

God provided grace to Adam and Eve. They already had everything which they needed. The forbidden tree created lust in their hearts. They wanted that fruit. It was God's but they trespassed and ate of it. The fruit is symbolic of capitalism in my analogy. Capitalism is the process which God uses to nourish his children. It is hard work and motivation by which God nourishes. By the grace of God, when Adam disobeyed, his punishment was hard work, and capitalism was created right then and there! Now, the ability to obtain, although a moderate punishment, was by the grace of God.

Satan offers through socialism a means of having the fruit without the hard work! God commanded, do not steal, but yet, just as Eve stole his forbidden fruit, socialism's Eve steals the fruit which was there by the grace of God. Satan is still patient! He demands and proposes wealth (better tasting fruit than God's), and settles for a time with carrots (the actual fruit Satan provides). Those symbolic carrots are what he actually gives to endear people toward the unobtainable luscious apple or pomegranate or whatever the fruit happens to be. The lie that he uses his one thing - you deserve this fruit!

God provides everything by grace. We don't deserve anything. Why should we? Although the fruit of the tree was forbidden because it belonged to God, Satan patiently beguiled Eve to desire it. He gave her that sense of deserving. It's there for the taking - why not take it, even though it is not hers but God's? Ever since, mankind's attitude is, I deserve things. God's method is grace - no you don't but I will provide for you anyhow!

Socialism is founded on the principle of self-deserving. The serpent convinces mankind that he is entitled to things because others have those things. What even the rich have belongs to God, and if He wanted you to have those things, God would provide them. He doesn't need the government to steal, keep the first crop, then distribute the crumbs. Jesus never used Caesar to work miracles; he didn't need Caesar for anything but to carry out the death of Jesus! That's right - the purpose of the Roman empire was to kill Jesus, and then grow Christianity through persecution.

We don't need the government to provide. God provides by grace in spite of the fact that we are undeserving. The government only interferes with our well-being by taking God out of the equation. The serpent made God out to be something He was not. Likewise, socialism denies God, and presents Him as an obstacle to Utopia. That is ironic since only God promises the utopia which we call Heaven. Marx implies, "Remove God from society, and all the riches will be yours!". That statement endeavors to steal what is God's, and give the crumbs from His table to gullible men!

The serpent used Eve to deceive Adam. She was the first feminist. It was Adam's purpose to have dominion but she held dominion over Adam as he was beguiled by her! Socialism uses feminism the same way. It uses a sense of entitlement and unfairness toward women to beguile them. Feminism didn't start out as pro-abortion and pro-same-sex marriage. It crept up on women gradually - like a snake. Now that ripe fruit is poisonous. It has provided mostly rotten fruit, although it did offer a few crumbs. Women became slaves to an ideology which ironically destroys them through abortion!

Fammilies are beguiled by the same method. Socialism desires to raise the children. As Clinton would always say, "It's all about the children!" or words to that effect. The family unit is an obstacle to Utopia. They want to educate the children so that they can remold them in the image of Marx. Young minds are flexible, and they want them so that they can do the bending! While they seek total control of the children, they offer only help at first. Socialism uses pre-schools and such to remold your children so that it is easier later on in college to have them. It takes years but then the snake patiently slithers up and destroys the family. Marx's will be done, and the heck with God's will.

We will someday be openly socialist. That is scriptural as anyone with discernment can see. Creeping socialism is patient. It takes time but it will come. The entire world will be socialist, and even content for awhile, while the good-tasting fruit is eaten. Then the serpent will get what he was after all along - bondage. Most people will submit because the fruit does taste good, but it's not everlasting. As the fruit begins to spoil, the people will realize: I've been had!  In the end, those who felt entitled to the fruits of the tree won't even be able to have any fruit unless they take the mark of the beast - that old serpent who follows Marx. Full-blown communism will replace socialism, and then heads will roll:
Revelation 20:4 "I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded because of their testimony about Jesus and because of the word of God. They had not worshiped the beast or its image and had not received its mark on their foreheads or their hands.
Some theologians insist that these won't be us Christians because we will have ascended to heaven by that time. They are right, but they forget the creeping of the serpent. The end-of-time government has already started, and as time passes, it will come into being.  (I say creeping because at that time the serpent had legs).

My daughter asked, "Dad, do they win?" I responded by, "Yes they do -  for a time." As long as we are alive socialism will grow until the entire world is Marxist. Just when the world becomes as it was in the days of Noah, then Christians will be put on God' ark, so to speak, and ascend into heaven. Then God will destroy what once was. Mankind will destroy itself because God allows it.

If we look at history we can see that Islam nations were allies of National Socialism during WWII. Today, they are using socialism to advance their cause. Socialism despises Christianity. They propagate the beast - namely Islam, because anything anti-Christian is acceptable. In the end the world, as I interpret scripture, will be a world-wide caliphate with some Ayatolla as leader. He will proclaim himself as Allah, and the world will allow it because with submission, the world will be at peace. The few Christians (newly converted Jews) at that time won't take the mark, and suddenly creeping socialism will become the devil communism, and heads will fall.

What can we do? Prepare ourselves! I believe you know how the creeping process now works. Beware of its creeping!  Live for God, and don't be beguiled by entitlements. The flesh always wants fruit but the spirit love. At the end of God's day, let's take the fruit of eternal life!

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