Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Introducing the Malthoughts

Yesterday I introduced Truly Goodthink - my fictitious friend. She's easy to be a friend because her thoughts are good. Good thoughts are outcomes of a tenderized heart:
Ephesians 4:32 "And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ's sake hath forgiven you."
Kindness is the display of love. Chrestos is the Greek word for "kind", and it means to serve, or be useful, obviously to other persons. Kindness is the other half of the Greatest Commandment - love others as thyself. Kindness to others is how we demonstrate to God that we love Him! God designed human beings to tend the Garden (Genesis 2:15). That command was basically to care for God whose Tree of Life was at the center of the Garden, and the other trees around the center - others.

If we can't tend God and others, we fail to do the Greatest Command. Truly Goodthink is kind, and she is my friend! Why is this fictitious person my friend? Because in real life, I find few who are kind to one another.  Even family squabbles negate kindness. Unfortunately living Christians display only a small degree of kindness, so my invented friend is the one who truly cares for me!

Truly Goodthink's trait is kindness, and that's because she is tender-hearted. Of course, the heart is her new disposition as a fictitious person who I assigned the second birth. I chose to make my imaginary friend a born-again Christian who one can tell is truly born-again! Something happens to those who are truly Christians - they circumcise their own flesh - their own desires:
Deuteronomy 10:16 Circumcise therefore the foreskin of your heart, and be no more stiffnecked.
Being tenderhearted is a trait of those with a circumcised heart. That is their new nature marked by kindness to one another. I see few truly kind real people, so I invented Truly Goodthink.

Part of kindness is forgiveness.  Truly forgives me for being an imperfect person. That is the trait of a tenderized heart. It's call mercy and is "even as God for Christ's sake hath forgiven you". In essence, mercy is realizing that one is imperfect, and does not hold others to a higher standard. It's not necessarily forgiving specific wrongs, but the wrongness of being an imperfect specimen of a human being. Truly Goodthink holds nothing against me. She is so kind! She is the sort of person one would like to be alongside.

On the other hand her sister, Apatha Malthought is what Moses called "Stiff-necked" - having contempt for otherness and stubbornness in charity. Those people selfishly love themselves more than others, or even God, and refuse to give up their old mean-spirited nature.

Apatha was created to serve God. Her assignment to serve God was in serving her mate. I introduced the other Malthought yesterday -  her husband Decepto Malthought. He is an imperfect man married to an imperfect woman. As I mentioned yesterday, together they are in dissension, and to them Chaos was born. He's their child of disharmony, and tries to disrupt the household. He is a little angel of course, as most precocious children are, but he is a little rebel whose world revolves around him! Why so? Chaos Malthought was taught disunity by the mean-spiritedness of his parents. He merely had to watch them to be like them. After Chaos was conceived, the household was in even more disunity than before his birth. Little Chaos has time to change, but Apatha cares not to, and Decepto thinks there is no need to change!

Most homes are much like the Malthoughts. Rather than having the mercy of Christ, they are unmerciful to each other. Chaos in the home ensures there are few encouraging words spoken. Dissension is incubated and alive. Apatha can feel it in her womb. It can either be a male or female child because Apatha cares little which it is, but Decepto lays his hand on her womb and feels the child of perdition kicking wildly within. Any time he touches or even speaks to Apatha, all hell breaks loose. You see, Apatha truly as a god, actually a goddess, which is her own self.

Apatha is always ready to pounce. Dissension threatens birth anytime. He just lies within her gestating, just looking for a chance to escape. When Mr. Malthought speaks, Dissension turns in the womb, making Apatha a miserable person. Decepto suffers the consequences.

Mr. Malthought's spirit is willing but his flesh is weak. He doesn't always respond in kindness, but in kind. Dissension, that child of Perdition, is designed to destroy the Garden which God created. Any attempt that Mr. Malthought makes to make the Garden beautiful, Dissension raises his ugly head. Mathought and his mate then fight rather than tend the Garden. Dissension smiles within Apatha's womb because he is Satan's child moving to and fro, making everyone miserable.

Is their any hope for the Malthoughts? God wants them to be in unity, but it's not Unity in her womb, but only one - Dissension. How can they have Unity when Dissension is carried in both their genes? Dissension can be aborted as many babies are these days, but rather than the scalpel of death, it's the sword which circumcises the hearts of the parents. When loving-kindness envelopes the twain, Dissension's nature changes too. Perhaps Dissension, with his rebellious nature, will surprise the parents with twins of Unity - Love and Harmony. Unity is what it will take to end Dissension and create Love and Harmony

Unity is a stranger in the Malthought household. She's the mid-wife who only comes when someone's expecting. Perhaps now will be the time, but it's not Apatha and Decepto who are expecting - it is God! He expects Dissension to be changed to the twins of Love and Harmony. Perhaps as Creator, he can make the change, if only Apatha and Decepto welcome Him into their home.

Truly Goodthink is my fictitious friend. Unfortunately Apatha and Decepto Malthought are very real. They live in your neighborhood. Your association needs to confront them for the mess in their home!

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