Friday, August 25, 2017

Why Change History?

In these days, there is an attempt to change history. Who and what is to gain by modified history? Those now in charge can create a new myth: before us things were horrible, and with us things are good. This type of propaganda keeps those despots in charge, in charge. I'm not talking about who we have now but those after the revolution. When things get horrible in the present, do not fret; they are still better than they were under the previous despotic system. Even though the old system may have not been tyrannical, those in the past become tyrants as new truths are propagated!

I hate to use Russia so often as an example, but they are the prime example. They had some horrible Tzars. Most notably, Peter the Great, kept order with a vengeance, wiping out all those who crossed him. On the other hand, Russia flourished under his long reign. It finally caught up with Europe in majesty, and the people were better off. Thereafter, most of the Tzars, now emperors, were more considerate in their rule until barbarity virtually disappeared.  Times were better.

Under the last Tzar, Nicholas II, when he was away, his army dealt too harshly with those who came with their grievances. The Tzar was a fine fellow and nice guy, but this unnecessary harshness caused a breech between him and his subjects. Russia had always been the foremost target of Marxism because of their former serfdom. They were attacked harshly by Marxism, as the leftist used that crisis - they "never let a good crisis go to waste" in the words of Rahm Emmanuel under Obama.

The Tzar abdicated, and a republic was formed. America is blessed because republics are weak yet ours still stands. Of course, we are in more jeopardy now than since the Civil War, but as Franklin told Mrs. Powell, "We are a republic if we can keep it!" Russia could not.

Republics are democratic by nature. The people seek republicanism so that they can have a say. In Russia, it was the socialist Marxists who had the most say. There were two branches: those more civil - the Mesheviks, and the most dogmatic - the Bolsheviks. The people obtained freedom from the "king", as in America, but in Russia, the despots won out. Immediately, there was a civil war and the tyrants won. Hence, for decades, communist Russia was tyrannical and dangerous to the civilized world. As the Bolsheviks murdered all the royal family and many nobles, it showed its true colors. They were evil in the eyes of the world.

In fact, Russia returned again to the identity of Tzars. Peter II was a short-lived and weak Tzar.  As such, Alexander Danilovich Menshikov became Generalissimo - field marshal of the highest rank. Stalin killed off his adversaries - those who had formerly been his comrades, and took the title Generalissimo himself. The Tzardom had returned, and with even more cruelty than Peter the Great! Stalin even excelled Hitler in deaths as the Ukraine was starved into submission.

One thing the Marxists did and still do, is to wipe out history. Of course, not only were the royal house given to the firing squad - women, children, and even the elderly, but history was revised. Books were burned and records closed. Statues were torn down, and cities renamed. The former empire was obliterated. Even schoolchildren were re-indoctrinated: the Romanovs were an evil empire! It is communists who are good.

You see, that lie was easily believed because all vestiges of the previous civilization and their accomplishments were gone. There became a new history!

Civilized Russia became so because of the Romanovs. They built the cities and brought civilization to the east. Their armies became the best in the world, and the people gradually gained freedom after their country became the last of Europe to come out of the dark ages. Those not so good Tzars were responsible for a great Russia, the envy of the world. Then, with Marxism, goodness was destroyed, and only the evil remained. Their people believed the lie! The Communists merely stole what had been made and claimed it as theirs! St. Petersburg, renamed Petrograd under Nicholas II, became Leningrad under the communists. History was thus revized - it became the city of the communists and not Peter the Great!

If we look at tyranny the world over, it's the same. To make the new regime look better, the old rule must look worse. This is the tactic of Marxists everywhere. They are not builders but destroyers. The nature of Marxism is coveting what the people have built, and making it their own; then changing history to appear that it is they who made it great. Communist China did the same thing!

The revision of history is a strategy so that people accept change, and be happy with it. With revised history, they can only look at the past with hatred in their eyes. They believe the myth, and are happy to be living the lie. 

Why write this? America is undergoing this right now. The French fell for the lie when they guillotined any who was before. Even the term "leftist" came from the French Republic. They were Marxists before Marx even dreamed of his tainted Utopias - the one's whose foundations are built on deceit, and painted with lies! Since Marx, nearly all revolutions have been Marxist.

Marxism paints a pretty picture for the oppressed, but it is a one-sided portrait. The masses accept the lie because what is promised is better things. Of course, better things do come - for those in charge, but the people suffer worse yet delight in their breadcrumbs because of propaganda. They are continually told how better off they are with what they have than with what they had before.

The revolution started in Tzarist Russia years before rebels fired their first shots. It was a war fueled by propaganda. The media spread the lie. It's always how bad things have been and are, and all we need is to change. Unfortunately, those changes are always toward the worse. With more control, always comes a loss of freedom. Those who caused success are stifled and nations are turned over to those not motivated. Indeed, the prize of success drives people to work hard, but when hard work is turned over to the masses, motivation is lost.

Why all this? It's not religious commentary. Indeed it is, because those who change history are living the lie. They can't handle truth because they see no promise for themselves. Their prize is not eternal life in paradise, but paradise on earth - Utopia. That is the fruit they seek, and the Tree of Life offers little for them. Marxism is Godless for a reason - the masses must huddle around the government to receive better things. God is a barrier to their success.

Today, a revolution is in progress. It is a war between good and evil. Regardless of the nature of the rebels, hidden tyrants use them for their purpose. Crises are used to foment revolution. Rahm admitted that the Obama administration did that! A government agent told me that those crises are created. I already knew that because history repeats itself.

Those leftist counter-protesters, as well as those on the right, are mere tools of the masters who pull the strings. All of them will be sorry when history is gone. They have been deceived and used to further those who have the power. They are pawns in this dangerous game of chess but yet think they are kings. 

Do you not find it strange when those who scream "hate" are the most prolific haters? They really care little about love. It's change they want. Their desire is to do away with the old, and bring in the new. They want change which they think is better but they've been fooled. Tyrants pull their strings and they dance for them. It's the same old strategy the serpent used - it's pleasant to look at, good for food and will make one wise. We have found out many times over that the promised fruit doesn't make people as gods, but slaves!

Christians must side with history in this present revolution. Things were not as bad as they say. That is propaganda from the media whose profit is made when society loses. They are the fourth estate of a wicked estates general! They would never lower the guillotine, but it is they who keep it sharpened and swift.  Christians must go with order. We must never listen to the lies which redefine words. Our past is good; not all of it, but most of it. We have no need to change our past because that's who we are, and how we came about. Fairy stories are for kids. These counter-revolutionaries are mere children who have been given tainted Halloween Candy. It is they who will bite into the razor blades hidden so well in the apple.

If you love freedom, love our history. We have made it over two-hundred years when most republics have failed! "Mrs. Powell, we are a republic but it is ripe to fall. God forbid what it will be because the book of Revelation describes it so well."

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