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Killing God - Part 8 Hatred

Hatred – the Poison that Kills:

                The equivalency of hatred and murder has already been mentioned. That comes from the Greek word miseo for hatred and is further expanded to include detestation and persecution. 139 Hateful is to love-less.  Hatred, then is the reciprocal of love. Just as there are numerous types of love: erotic, brotherly, familial, and divine love it seems that there must be different types of hatred: sexual misuse, isolation, apathy, and spiritual. Scripture indicates that God is even capable of hating; not people but sin! 140 It is specifically mentioned that God hates the doctrine of the Nicolaitanes. 141 That doctrine is condoning fornication or any type of lascivious behavior within the Church. As parents always say, “Hate the sin but love the sinner” - that’s what Holy Scripture is all about! That decree cannot be found in a specific verse but the contexture is throughout scripture.

                God uses profound words for His hatred of behaviors: abomination, disgusting, viperous, treacherous, irreverence, and so on. Those are the same types of hatred that the Adversary has for the things of God! Satan hates the Doctrines of God whereas God hates the doctrine of Satan which is the law of sin. God doesn’t even hate Satan! His desire is that he not perish but since Satan will never trust God, his destination is to perish forever – to be cast into the fiery pit. 142 God would rather not do that but order must be maintained! Satan will die a horrible death.

                Satan is the example. Because of his devilish nature, he will be forever dying in Hell. That is his domain! Satan seeks the throne of God but deserves to kneel in agony. Eventually Satan will feel the pain for himself that God feels for mankind. The night before God died, he agonized, not for Himself but for mankind. God feels pain. He came to mankind to feel what people feel. Because He so loves us, he wanted that none should perish. That is not the case, and God knew that even before he died to those who love and despise Him. How he felt about his creatures is explained best by Luke:

And (Jesus) being in an agony he prayed more earnestly: and his sweat was as it were great drops of blood falling down to the ground. 143

                That is how much God loves. He was feeling pain for Himself but for “whosover” for whom He was about to die! That is the epitome of love, being how God’s love is to be reciprocated and shared. Those who love with unction, with exceedingly great fervor, are to love that much! Just thinking of God dying for mankind should arouse great pain inside and cause the human heart to throb in empathy to the One who died in the place of those who deserve death!

                God felt that way toward his fellow man. Bearing our own cross is having intense love not only for God but every person, even our enemies! God died for them as well.

                Usually, people discuss Jesus on the cross dying for the sins of mankind. That event was ultimate grace. Herein, “God” is ascribed as dying. That is done so that the reader understands the intensity of the grace! God in three aspects was nailed to the cross. Jesus cannot be separated from God’s identity and die only in the flesh. God died as Creator, Savior, and Holy Spirit. After God died, because His flesh died, God’s Spirit which experienced death on the cross is rightfully called the Holy Ghost.

                The intensity of divine love must be known to understand the intensity of evil. What is evil? Holding the Law of God reprehensible. Hating God’s Law so much that one is in agony. The Law of God condenses down to divine love! Again, that comes from the Greatest Commandment. Evil is having reprehensible feelings for love. That depth of reprehensibility to love is the paramount hatred. That’s how much Satan hates God. That hatred is Satan’s motive for killing God!

                Satan desires to destroy God because he believes in Him. All the demons do! 144 To target God as the Victim means that Satan must truly believe in Him. He does, knows God’s Power, and realizes that he can never kill God but only destroy His Kingdom. Thus, killing God is isolating God to the heavens with no one to commune with him. To achieve his purposes, Satan must destroy to things: the heaven and the earth. The two together are the Kingdom of God. Essentially, Satan must steal God’s Kingdom. Just as in the monarchial times, there was always a pretender to the throne – an adversary most often a close family member – who sought the position and authority of the king.

                Satan is part way through with his revolution. The first battle was won with one weapon. He deceived the woman, and the man followed suit. With that one “win”, the tactic became a familiar weapon. Ever since, mankind has been wounded by the fiery darts of deception. 145 Those darts are projected by the hollowness of temptation. Pleasure is offered to those who lust, and from those fruits they eat, consuming deadly poison, of course, in small does such that death comes on gradually. Small increments of poison over seemingly longtime spans is how people are gradually killed.

                Gradual and painless death is the best deception. Even Heinrich Himmler gassed his victims so subtly and painlessly that his colleagues thought him humane. That is Satan’s tactic, and like Himmler, he deceives others in killing for him. Sinners do the dirty deed on themselves. Sinners also killed God.

                The ultimate love is that none should perish. This the ultimate hatred is that all should perish. Killing the body is not fully death; Satan must destroy the souls of mankind as well to minimize God to the greatest extent possible. What better way to minimize God, that destroy His institutions? God’s most closely guarded institution are the righteous. When the righteous are incorporated for the worship of God, that organization is called the Church. (Here, capital C is used to designate not denominations or the building but all who trust God for salvation.) Don’t let it frighten the protestant, but the Church is catholic in nature, meaning “universal”. There is only one faith, one baptism and one Lord. 146 In his attempt to undermine God, Satan must destroy the Church. Rather than doing the dirty work himself, as Himmler did, Satan enlists his soldiers to destroy all the many temples of God one stone at a time.

                Those sinners without contrition, and atheists fail to realize it but they serve their lord as well. He is not Almighty but their master, doing their master’s will. 147 Atheists and the unrighteous serve a god. In practice they serve their gods of themselves but on principle, unbeknownst to them, they also serve Satan! Service to one is love. Disservice to the other is hatred. Those who unwittingly serve Satan love him and his laws and despise God.  Satan is the demagogue and sinners and atheists are the “useful idiots” which is attributed to Vladimir Lenin 148 and used extensively by progressives even today.

                Those who are being used by autocrats are useful idiots. Scripture refers to them as fools, slightly less offensive maybe. 149 The foolish are those who blaspheme the Lord, which one should remember is twofold: dismissing God as Lord or elevating oneself to lordship. Both are those are hatred of God, and Satan knows his useful idiots are ready to take to the streets to undermine God and elevate themselves. Satan smiles! His deception is effective because people are gullible. Their itching ears are scratched by what they want to hear and believe whether it is truthful or not! 150

                Parents generally implore: do not hate others, when kids say, “I hate so and so.” The kids respond, “I don’t hate them; I just dislike them.” Disliking is a mild form of hatred. The hatred scale goes from zero to infinity – from apathetic to “hate their guts”. “Dislike” is slightly higher than apathetic on the hatred scale while “hating their guts” as children say, is wishing them to perish forever in Hell. Perfect love is that God desires that “none should perish”. Ultimate hatred is that “all should perish”. That is repeated because it’s so important. Satan desires that all shall perish. Mankind may not want that all should but many. That seems to satisfy mankind’s moral needs but that shows contempt for God in that His will is that none should die. To wish that on just a few – our enemies – is unrighteous and sinful. 151 Loving the enemy is hard work in that even loving friends oftentimes is not easy!

                It is hard work to love but hatred comes easily. Satan uses that natural born inclination to make his job easier. The propensity toward hatred is the outcome of original sin. Mankind was designed to love. That was the Designer’s intent. Satan intended to disrupt innocence and teach people how to hate. Being mature adults, Adam and Eve quickly learned to disobey. Children learn disobedience gradually. It’s not that children hate their parents when they cry for attention or feign pain; it’s their genetic way of gaining power. Disobedient young children are becoming budding gods and goddesses, and by the teenage years they are well established as lords over the household – little princes and princesses!

                Immature adults have learned godhood well. Not being satisfied with royalty in their little kingdoms, they do as they want to do in spite of others. By assuming lordship over their own lives, their will is to do what is right in their own eyes!  152 This self-esteem is blasphemy, if the reader remembers that from before. Meekness is the way to demonstrate love for God, and to keep His Kingdom intact. 153 The flip-side of meekness is pride which is esteeming oneself too highly.

                God designed mankind to love. Because people were originally children of God, rightfully everyone loves themselves. No one hates themselves; 154 not even the suicidal.  That seems to be so much love for themselves that they cannot stand the pain of living. The deception of “self-esteem” is destructive because it is God who mankind is to esteem. If people are obedient to God, He will take care of us! There is no need to build esteem because that is an outcome of loving God.

                Satan’s tactic is to blaspheme God by creating little gods; even trillions of them. He is confident in his position, not seeing mankind as much of a threat! Job showed Satan what righteousness is all about. God allowed Satan to test Job’s love or lack of hatred but wasn’t allowed to kill Job. 155 Satan accused God of putting a hedge around Job for safety’s sake. Indeed, God did! Likewise, when sinners are born-again, God puts a hedge of safety about them. With the hedge intact, in the end, the safe shall be saved!

                Job stayed faithful to God because he loved Him so much that he lost his wealth, family, and was threatened with losing his own life.  That is great love but if Satan had overcome him, and he could have, he would have demanded that Job hate God! That applies to all ages and all men. Hatred is the weapon of mass spiritual destruction and is done by attacking faith!

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Killing God - Part 7 Nature of God Cont.

Sometimes even things symbolic of God are His death! Take, the Jewish menorah for instance. It represents the seven churches of Asia spoken of in the Revelation of John. 114 The stand for the seven lamps, would then, represent the Church which scripture symbolizes as the bride of Christ. The ultimate killing of God is in the last days when the candle shall be snuffed out. The voices of God and the Church shall be heard no more. 115 This is one last attempt to kill God! The menorah is the lamp that represents God. The olive oil therein is His Holy Spirit, and the gold is God’s humanity who is called Jesus. The menorah is not Jewish at all but fully Christian. When it was lit in the tabernacle long ago in the wilderness, the light from it was God’s Light.

The television reality show Survivor uses the lighted torch to represent life.  Probst’s last words are: "The tribe has spoken; it's time to go,” he says as the torch light is snuffed out. 116 With the menorah, it seems, mankind says “The world has spoken; it’s time to leave You,” referring to God. Thus the menorah unlit is the Church leaving God to “die”.

Another symbol of the Living God is the fire of the alter where the sin offering is made. Moses was instructed by God to keep the fire at the altar burning, and its fuel is flesh. In the tabernacle, the prime flesh without blemish, was the sin sacrifice. God was kept “alive” by continually sacrificing flesh to Him. God enjoyed the aroma of the sacrifices and was pleased!

The fire was kept burning for the ultimate sacrifice! God eventually sacrificed Himself for the sins of mankind. 118 With the physical death of God, the fire has imperishable fuel. The Shekinah of God always shines, indicating that God is alive and well! God is pleased as long as mankind joins Him in sacrificing. To keep the fore a burning, mankind returns to God in his original image as they present themselves “a living sacrfice” 119 Mankind, by self-sacrifice keeps the sacrificial fire burning. God ignited the flame with His Holy Ghost. It is mankind’s responsibility to allow the Spirit to burn within them! 120 Love shown by obedience is mankind’s sacrifice, forgoing the pleasures of the flesh. The high priest sacrificed the flesh to keep the fire burning, and the Church keeps God “alive” by sacrificing the spiritual flesh – the pleasures of sin!

Crosses are seen everywhere in the western world. Even those in the far east wear the cross. The cross is symbolic of Jesus’s death instead of ours. It seems to be a symbol of thankfulness for grace. Grace is God’s death when it is mankind which deserves it! Men and women are the key players who are “so loved”. God substituted for man. He stepped in and died in place of all the sinners of all time who played without His rules. All of us! 121 Rather than be proud, mankind should be ashamed. Who killed God? Perhaps the reader may soon see the Light: Neither the Jews nor the Romans killed God – mankind did. God died because of sinners like us all!

Although the cross represents the death of God, it also represents man’s own life. Abraham saw God on the cross with his willingness to sacrifice his only remaining son since the elder had been emancipated. 122 Jacob was to be the lamb and was to die for mankind. He was not God. It had to be God who died for everyone! Abraham was willing to save God from death by sacrificing his own son, what God would do later by sacrificing Himself. Mankind “saves” God from death by self-sacrifice. Mankind of course can’t save God but his willingness to do so is similar to the faith of Abraham.  123

Abraham had a vision of the cross. It was the key which kept man alive, and because God so loved the world, the cross kept God alive as well. Mankind is God’s pleasure, and His desire is that all shall be saved. 124

The cross was nothing new! It is a simile is the Tree of Life. Catholics refer to the “True Cross” – the remnants of the wooden cross on which God died. The Roman Empress Helena, Constantine’s wife, went to Jerusalem and believed she found the True Cross. Although she indeed did find a cross of wood, it takes faith to believe it was the very cross on which Jesus died. Constantine and many afterward used the True Cross in battle to defeat the enemy. Superstition poisons God. It was not the cross of Helena which saves but the true True Cross – the Tree of Life. Adam saw God, and killed Him, so to speak by standing under the forbidden tree and eating of its fruit.

Thus, it is not the wooden cross on Calvary which saves. It is the Tree of Life – God Himself who was nailed to the insignificant tree (in comparison). Catholics celebrate God’s death with icons showing Him still hanging on the “tree”. Others celebrate God’s life by the empty cross. How the cross is viewed is indicative of either a dying God or a living God. Ironically, with God still dead on the cross, mankind continues to kill God!

Man was created in the image of God, and God said “created in our image”. 125 Hebrew El is used for God in the first instance and is singular. Elohim is used for God in the second instance, and is plural. It seems that it the beginning God’s Oneness and triune “nature” is significant. El is the One True God – the true True Cross. Elohim is He who was crucified on the true True Cross. It is imperative to realize that One True God was killed on the cross. Thereon died the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Of course, the hypothesis is that as God experienced death on the cross, His entire Being experienced death. As God’s flesh gave up the Spirit for mankind, His Spirit took on a new identity – the Ghost of His Flesh!

Mankind image was revealed in scripture: ”Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength”. 126 The entirety of man is identified with how he can express love. Since man was created in the image of God, those characteristics are also God’s Identity or Existence! The Creator God is called the “Father” and is God’s Mind. The graceful God is identified by His Heart, which represents His Flesh which He would shortly assume. Man’s soul is the container for God’s Holy Spirit. The soul is the living temple of God. 127 It would appear that God’s “soul” is His Holy Spirit. What about “the strength”? That is Almighty God! His Excellency’s Existence. Our own nature describes God’s substance. His Strength is the One True God – the true True Cross, and the other three characteristics represent His triune “nature”.

God is the Tree of Life. Not by accident, he died on a wooden cross which scripture refers to as a tree. 128 It is not by accident that in the beginning, and the end by the way, God is represented as a tree. The patriarchs knew the method of God’s death well in advance. When Adam grabbed fig leaves to cover his and her shame, it was from another tree but he somehow knew that only by a Tree could he be redeemed by God! 129 It is the Tree of Life which still lives. The cross is a simile of God. It has no power, and is thus, an icon but it is to magnify God. There is no shame in the Cross because it represents the Tree of Life – the part that was seen is a simile of God in the Flesh!

God, Jesus, and the Holy Ghost to which is so casually separated out of convenience, together are the Triune One True God. They are not “persons’ since only one “person” experienced death, but are three aspects. Neither are they “personalities” since God has only one personality – being one person. God Existed in three different forms. The Father is “killed” by denying Him as Creator. The Son was killed because his killer’s denied that he is the Creator, and could not therefore be the Savior. The Holy Ghost is “killed” because He is not recognized as the Ghost of God! 130 Denying the “nature” of the Holy Ghost as God, is blasphemy against the Holy Ghost, which is the unpardonable sin. 131 Denying God’s Existence in any of His three “natures” is how mankind “kills” God. Blasphemy is “the act of insulting or showing contempt or lack of reverence for God, and the act of (oneself) claiming the attributes of a deity.” 132

God is “killed” by denying His Existence, or any of the three Natures of God. When God is “killed” His murderer is a pretender to His throne. Those who attempt to murder God claim godhood for themselves. That too is blasphemy – what murdering God is called!

A book has been written called Killing Jesus. What is written herein is a supplement to that; unauthorized of course. Bill, O’ really? Did your book tell all the story? He was not only Jesus who was killed on the cross; God died that day!

God’s “natures” were further identified in scripture: (1) God, (2) Son of God, (3) Son of Man, and (4) Comforter. 134 The Comforter is the Holy Ghost and is one “nature” of God. His feature is Power. That Power of God is Who came down on the virgin Mary and Fathered God in the Flesh “called Emmanuel” – or “God with us”. 135 136 He is the same Power who Comforts us, not to forget His part in the creation. When God took on the Flesh he had the “nature” of both parents. He was fully Man and fully God – thus the Son of Man and the Son of God. It seems impossible, but God birthed Himself. Never think on that as a natural from of conception but supra-natural. His Birth was God’s primo appearance to mankind! In essence, the Son of God was “called Emmanuel”, and the Son of Man was “called Jesus”. 137

God did not clone Himself. God came down to mankind. One may ask, “How did He do that?” He is God! He can do anything. Just as He created the heaven, the earth, and Adam; God created His own flesh – ironically in the same image as Adam. Since Man was created in God’s image, with His foreknowledge, God made man similar to the appearance He chose for Himself! That is profound! Emmanuel’s birth is God’s descension. His resurrection introduced His ascension. In between, God descended into Hell where long committed sins were destroyed. 138 Withstanding Hell, God is incorruptible but that doesn’t end Satan’s quest to destroy Him! That feature of God is just a small portion of His Almightiness!

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Killing God - Part 6 Nature of God

The Nature of God:

Murdering does not require knowing the victim but understanding why does. When God in the flesh died, by grace they were acknowledged to be guilty but ignorant.  Of course, in most cases knowing the victim well makes it easier to murder. Satan knows God well! He was there when mankind was created. He saw God’s Almightiness, and truthfully, Satan knows God well! Hos tactic is to deceive mankind, thus making man ignorant of what he does. God was crucified because the killers were blind to truth. Satan is the author of spiritual blindness, and the law of sin clouds people’s vision.

                In order to identify why and how the Victim is killed, His nature must be known. For instance, some substances are toxic to man but not animals, and visa versa. Other substances are toxic to vegetation and not animals. Mankind is poisoned by time, the sun’s rays, and many substances. Hatred kills men and women with despair, murder, and warfare. The souls of men are destroyed by hatred because mankind was created in the image of God. 89

                Mankind attempts to murder God with hatred. Anathema is the poison which kills, and its mixture is the law of sin in opposition to the Law of God. Murder takes five forms: (1) physically killing, (2) vicariously killing, (3) killing the soul, (4) isolation, and (5) deleting memories. Killing has always been routine. Its motives are many; among them are jealousy, hatred, pride, and power. Abel died because Cain realized that Abel was more favored by God. 90

                The first sin was for pleasure with Eve, the second sin was shirking authority by Adam, and the third was murder. The first two sins killed Adam and Eve, for indeed, they did die! The third sin was for jealousy but ultimately for selfishness – denying God love! This was the first time one human being was murdered by another.  Since, murder is on the hearts of men. Cain hated Abel. Hatred kills!

                The second type of killing is wishing another person was dead. People “kill” – disappoint - their parents in their youth because they seek emancipation.  People despise authority because their own will cannot be exercised. Most youth seek pleasure, and authority stands in the way. Hence, at some time in their youth, many people vicariously murder their parents by wishing them dead. Their vision is life without control. Adults also wish God dead. People are immature at heart, and with age, never seem to grow up. What stands in the way of change? The enjoyment of pleasure. Authority inhibits pleasure and people don’t like that!

                Killing the soul is desiring that others eternally perish. The worst thing to say to another person is go to Hell because that condemns them to eternal death, which is likened unto eternally dying. People want Hitler in Hell. God desired that Mr. Whomsoever himself – Adolph Hitler - should not perish. Mankind mostly desires that Hitler perish… and forever.

Isolation is another form of murder. Eternal death is isolation from God and others. People must learn to love. The Greatest Commandment, mentioned before, is to love God, and the one like unto it is to love others – both friends and enemies. In the world, people are tested for their love. Failing that in the world, what would one expect in Hell? Hatred! The penalty is isolation form God and even fellow cell-bodies. Essentially, Hell is eternal solitary confinement. Screams of agony, cursing everyone, and regret are the emotions. Agony is both from loneliness and the intolerable, but somehow tolerated, heat! Nazareth isolated God. 91 Nazareth – his own people – were some of the first to attempt to kill God in the flesh! They did that by ejection, thus isolating themselves from Jesus.

Like the Nazarites, atheists kill God by isolation. They want nothing to do with God, and many fool themselves, thinking of God all the time, and killing Him time and time again vicariously. Even most Christians claim to trust God, then isolate God from their lives. Isolation is not on the narrow path but the one most traveled.

                Another way to kill is the deletion of memories. Society not only wants to kill God but delete all memories of Him. The eternal memory of God was written on stone. People kill God by erasing monuments to His authority. Why else would seemingly same people desire to eliminate the Ten Commandments from the world? Of course, the American Taliban cannot stand a God in opposition to their own! The Ten Commandments are a memory that humans are not really gods, and as such, have no authority. They perceive that God can be killed merely by thought-killing!

                One atheist told me, “I don’t believe in God”. That’s what atheists claim and say! Because one has mentally killed God does not make God dead! In fact, God’s “nature” is Existence – He always was, is, and will be! “Am” is “`first person singular present indicative of be.” 92  God is not “has been”; He “Is”!

                What does “be” mean? To exist. God Is always “I AM”, then, now, and forever. 93 Thus, God proclaims that “I AM immortal”. That doesn’t stop Satan nor his legions. He can kill God in memories! Near the end, God will be alive for a few but for most He will not even be a memory. Already, contemporary society has killed God by destroying his legacy and memories of Him.

                The great Roman Empire tried to kill God by persecution and destruction of His people. By killing Christians, the “tolerant” Romans attempted to kill the One God who they could not tolerate! Because the elect – Christians – are God’s people, society attempts to destroy them because God lives in their hearts. 94 Why do all hateful regimes attempt to kill Jews? Because they are a reminder of God as His chosen people!

                Out of thought; out of mind is a common expression. Who knows who said that first but it is spoken often. People, if they don’t think about God, don’t worry about Him. Why would people even worry about whether there is a God or not? Because they are either convicted or have no hope. For them the day of the Lord, will be terrible. For some who worship a living God, it will be a great day! 95

Nature results from the Power which created. New Agers - those who believe in all but the Judeo-Christian God as described in scripture, refer to “Mother Nature”. Most other religions have both gods and goddesses, and dualistic in having good and evil gods. The Creator “god” in Gnosticism is a demiurge because, in their view, matter is evil and spirit good. They reason that since God is good, He could not have created matter which is evil. That is the “nature” of most other gods. That is not Yahweh!

Atheists deny that God created man for His will in favor of man creating God for his purposes. With that idea, mankind are the gods because men are credited with the power to create. Although God created both the natural and the spiritual, man created only the spiritual. The fallacy of that is that Heaven is real but what the mind creates is fantasy. Atheists believe that mankind lives a myth because they need a god. Theists believe that God is real because He wants mankind’s love.

The thought of “Mother Nature” is offensive to theists. Gender is based on both anatomy and mind. People can only relate to gender because all people are engendered either male or female. Thus, most beings have natures correlated with their genders. Those with both identities are androgynous; those who identify as neither are agenderous. God the Father is neither male nor female throughout His Existence except for a short period of time: when He became flesh. Gender is for the flesh to procreate. God, being Almighty, has the power to create with procreating!  God did not take on flesh for the purpose of creating but saving. He was born to die, and had flesh so that He could be killed, at least as the world views death!

God’s “natures” are three: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. 96 Only the King James Version of the Holy Bible has Him “Father, Son, and Holy Ghost”.  In the Greek, pneuma is translated in context, differentiating between “ghost” and “spirit” because Jesus had yet to die. 97 God takes on different “natures” for different times. In the beginning as Creator God “fathered” the creation. When God needed to be Savior, he came in the flesh, and when he came back to Comfort, God’s nature is the Holy Ghost. He created with His Holy Spirit, and became flesh with the Power of His Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit, God Himself, died on the cross and was “called Jesus”.  For God’s worldly identity to be clear, He was also “called Emmanuel” For further clarification He was also “called Christ” – the Messiah. 98

Nature is in parentheses because God is beyond natural. Natural infers “created”. When Moses asked God His Name, God merely replied “I AM THAT I AM”. 99 In Hebrew that is written יהוה  and transliterated into English as JHWH or JHVH. The Hebrew letters are yod he waw he which can be easily identified as Yahweh, a close pronunciation, especially after vowel points were added: יְהֹוָה was pronounced Yehovah. In English, God’s identity is pronounced Jehovah. Similar to JHVH was Adonai, hence “the Lord” is both Adonai and God’s identity. 100

God is referred to as “Father” because he created the heaven and the earth, mankind, and Mary’s Son. God is referred to as Jesus because Jesus is theophoric for God’s Existence since Jesus, from the Hebrew Yeshua (ישוע), means “God Delivers”. 101

Befitting God’s begetting mankind, rather than begotten, God’s nature is masculine. He validated that paternalism, creating Himself as a male. Hence, God is not androgynous but as Jesus, thoroughly male. There is no female God!

God’s triune substance is completely misunderstood. Ignorant people joke about the “Godhead” as three-headed, thus creating a monster God. God’s nature is three “substances” (homostasis in the Greek). Substances are generally defined as “matter”. In theology, substance is “ultimate reality”. Rather than God’s supra-nature being misunderstood as organic or even mineral, it is more definitive to refer to God’s three aspects – Creator, Savior, and Comforter. Of the three, only the Savior could ever be seen, although the Comforter is likened unto a wind and a fire. 102

Envision the Tree of Life. It stood in the midst of the Garden of Eden because not only was this “tree’ real but a simile of God which theologians refer to as the “Godhead”.  This “tree” represents Jesus because most of “it” can be seen, and it’s “fruit” could heal! 104 Jesus was known for not only the miracle of healing the body but the spirit as well. 105

The trunk and the branches of the Tree could be seen. That part of the Tree is a simile of Jesus the Christ – God in the flesh. The root of the Tree is a simile of God the Father because it is the foundation of the Tree, nourishing from the beginning. Since, there was no rain needed in the Garden, there was only a mist coming up from the ground, implying underground water. 106 The underground “spring”, it seems was the Gihon Spring, and is a simile for “living waters”, representative of the Holy Spirit. 107  Hence, the Tree of Life was symbolic of God, and His three “aspects”: Father, Son, and Holy Ghost! That “Tree” was not killed with the disappearance of the Garden. The Tree is still standing on the River of God in the City of God fed by the same “living water”! 108

As designed, the Tree was fed by living water – God’s Holy Spirit. The living water was infused by the root into the Visible Tree – symbolic of the Virgin Birth – when the “living water” grew the Son from the “root” – God. 109

The fruits of the Spirit coming from the living waters watered the Tree. The “nature” of God was the twelve fruits of the Tree! 110 They were love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith,  meekness, temperance, 111 and the Latin Vulgate lists charity, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, generosity, gentleness, faithfulness, modesty, self-control, and chastity. Those twelve attributes are the “nature of God”! Mankind endeavors to kill God for being “Good”! 112 Ironically, God’s killers are the opposite. Man claims to be good but they are not.  The murderer has a nature as well: Adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness, idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies, envyings, murders, drunkenness, revellings, and such. 113

The “nature” of God is identified and contrasted to the nature of the killers! Evil is the assassin of God, and it comes from the fruits of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil which unfortunately was placed in the midst of the Garden by God to be misused by Satan to test mankind’s will! Satan always uses “good” in part to deceive overall. The easiest way to deceive is making the deception sound good! The most proficient deception is creating doubt when truth is known.

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Friday, March 16, 2018

Voting Together

Hillary Clinton just made another excuse: she lost because men told the women in their lives how to vote. Did that really happen? If so, is that wrong?

I have written much on feminism. The women - excuse me, the victims - in society are feminists because they merely understand a small part of feminism. It is not a freedom movement but a trap for chaos!

Most agree that there should be equity in wages. Likewise, there should be equal opportunity for success. However, what does homosexual rights have to do with equal opportunity for women? Feminism includes all the activities of the "social justice" crowd. Because of that, men are generally against feminism because they see through the façade. True feminists should rid those ideas from their agenda, and perhaps more men will help tear down the so-called glass ceiling.

Women actively propagate female causes. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be equal. If a group is not equal, it is realistic that there must be some give and take. Ideally, if men would voluntarily relinquish their power to women, problem solved! On the other hand every individual seeks to hang on to what power they have. Thus, justice is not a social thing, being for the good of society, but an individual strategy. Women as individuals want to get ahead and that is right-thinking. Like men, they care little about the other women but desire to advance themselves.

Every person without regard to social stratum desires to have special opportunity. Although everyone wants special treatment, regardless of what they claim, if everyone has special treatment, it is no longer special but ordinary. Women desire special treatment and favoritism, and that's okay. Likewise, men desire the same, and that too should be okay. However, that cannot be! Thus, there indeed are power struggles. Power struggles divide.

Ideally, and many fail to see it, Holy Scripture supports a high degree of equity between the sexes. On the other hand, it denigrates those who seek self-empowerment. The Word desires us to unite, and not divide. God designed the biology of each for different functions. Men have never, and never will, have natural-born babies. Even science has tried that and failed. Thus, women were created special! Normal men are appreciative of their specialness! Women are much stronger than men in regard to pain. Few would deny that. Hence, women are strong. They need not seek strength because they are already strong. They only need to recognize tenacity and endurance as strengths!

On the other hand, men are by design work horses. Unless hormones are not imbalanced, men are physically stronger than women. As far as intelligence, the latest research shows that overall men and women are of equal intelligence, although there are differences in the distribution and specialties. Men have overall the lower and the higher IQ's but on the average are the same as women. Likewise, each gender has their particular areas in which they excel.

It seems that the Creator with a purpose did not make men and women the same - they were designed to complement each other! Society would fail if both men and women were great at math but neither were good at invention. We would still be in the stone age! Men and women were not designed to compete with each other, but assist. Eve was Adam's help-mate, not his slave. They were to have dominion over the animals, not just Adam! It can easily be seen how animals react to men and women because they do things differently, often with the same outcome - a trained animal which either loves or respects them.

God did not intend for men and women to be separate but equal. They were designed to be together and different. I thank God for that, and normal women should as well. Imagine the agony of men having to endure childbirth! Imagine ordinary women having to build pyramids! Of course, there are some men who could bear that pain, and some women who could endure that degree of physical endurance but that is outside the norm. We were designed normal, and that we will continue to be, unless abnormalities are infused. The objectives of feminism is to infuse abnormality. Women believe they own that as a strategy but ironically, it was a man which made the strategy doctrinal. I'm referring to Marxism.

Why is socialism so appealing to women? Why are women more liberal than men? Because they have been indoctrinated that they own feminism, failing to realize that it is a tool to divide!

“... the more modern industry becomes developed, the more is the labour of men superseded by that of women. Differences of age and sex have no longer any distinctive social validity for the working class...." "All are instruments of labour, more or less expensive to use, according to their age and sex. Finally, in times when the class struggle nears the decisive hour, the progress of dissolution going on within the ruling class, in fact within the whole range of old society, assumes such a violent, glaring character, that a small section of the ruling class cuts itself adrift, and joins the revolutionary class, the class that holds the future in its hands.” (Communist Manifesto, Karl Marx)

Socialism makes women the workers. It will become, not a choice, but a duty! Women as the workers are part of the class struggle. A "struggle" indicates that  force is required, and some women as well as man will reject the socialist mandate. An outcome of "equal servitude" in contrast to "equal opportunity" is the break-up of the family, which by no coincidence is not an outcome but an initiative of socialism. Everything, in socialism, is for the greater good of the populace - or really the party - because those who reject it will have little that is good.

In the socialistic or progressive scenario, there is a class struggle which erodes society's norms in favor of the party's standards. Many institutions are to fall, including the institutions of marriage and the family, of course, right after the Church which socialism considers "the opiate of the people". You see, for socialism to live, God must die. For feminism to exist, of course until the socialist objectives are met, God must be wounded. When full-fledged autocracy is achieved, feminism will die as they are smothered by the desires of the Pharaoh - whoever the Stalin in charge may be.

This commentary is to reveal that feminism is only a tool for Marxism just as "social justice" in all its forms are! When all the tools have been used, those in charge will discard them - the "night of the long knives" repeated: Trotsky murdered all over again! Feminism and all the divisive ideologies will no longer be required.

Is it okay for men to dictate how women should vote? Not at all! The entire theme of the Bible is free will. Sin is bondage, and salvation is freedom. Jesus came to free, not to enslave. Autocratic marital relationships are not God's purpose for mankind nor His will. What is?
Gen 2:20 ... for Adam there was not found an help meet for him. 21 And the Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam, and he slept: and he took one of his ribs, and closed up the flesh instead thereof; 22 And the rib, which the Lord God had taken from man, made he a woman, and brought her unto the man. 23 And Adam said, This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man. 24 Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.
The first thing therein is that womankind is to be a "helper", not a hinderer for Adam. That's not a master/slave relationship but a complementary one. Think of Eve as the apple picker, and Adam as the packer. Both are required for the apple to ever be food for others.

Eve came from the side of Adam, not necessarily his rib but the flesh from that area. Eve is Adam's flesh, and women are the flesh of men. Men and women are mankind, and were created of like flesh. In their youth, after that first "birth", the genders have been separated. Before too much time had past, the normative became for man and woman to be of one flesh again. Thus, this togetherness is Holy Matrimony and is never to be put asunder. That asunder-ness is the goal of progressive thinkers.

In being one, men and women are to do things together. Those things are the will of God to whom we are to come to in all things!
Mat 6:33 ...seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things (necessities) shall be added unto you.
Men must not dictate matters of importance but seek God's will in all things. God doesn't have two wills for everything; one way is right and the other wrong. Husband and wife, father and daughter, and even employer and employee, to succeed, should seek God's will for His will is best for the "greater good" - Him, the man, and the woman!

Part of feminism is voting one's own conscience. The conscience evaluates moral choices. Individuals most often have different values. In voting in America, for women it is reproductive rights it seems, and for men, true individual freedom such as the right to bear arms. Ironically, the freedom to control one's own body depends on the means to enforce that freedom. However, men reject the notion that the body within the body is less than the woman's - it is the flesh of both! Hence, the sanctity of life is divisive. To whom should men and women turn? Certainly not to the Supreme Court but to the Supreme Judge. "Thou shalt not kill" is very straightforward, and hard to misunderstand!

The conclusion is that women should turn to men for direction but not to follow orders. The two genders together should seek God's will, not their own. With that, the two are one flesh, and unity is achieved. Satan thrives on disharmony, discord, and division. Mates or families, voting for different objectives, is disharmonious, divisive, and discordant. Marx smiles at that as Satan laughs-out-loud! 

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Killing God - Part 5 The Victim (cont)

(Continuation of the Victim)

Paul quickly saw that the Stoics and Epicureans worshiped a god but he proclaimed to them the identity of their “unknown god”. Just as the cartoon character Pogo said on earth day 1970, “We have met the enemy, and he is us,” Paul just as well have said that! Mankind is the enemy of mankind. Their weapon is hatred for others, and their armaments are love of self!  Similarly, mankind made God the enemy of natural man, and hatred is the weapon. Not to forget the biblical definition of faith, it is imperative to continue with who killed God! Lovers of self are among the accomplices.

                Stoicism is asceticism. They denied themselves pleasure and did “good” by doing so. They were indeed sincere in their self-sacrifice but the sacrifices were made to mankind. Indeed, Stoicism is modern-day secular humanism. Of course, there is nothing evil about doing good, but if good is done for wrong reasons, it’s an insult to God. In fact, the prophet Isaiah, inspired by God, relegated works as equivalent to “filthy rags” in God’s sight. 78 Likewise, Jesus ostracized the sect of the Pharisees and the scribes by referring to them as vipers and compared them to the serpent. 79 That sect was known for its close adherence to the Laws of God. Of course, done to magnify themselves rather than God!

The other group was the Epicureans. Paul knew their god, and it was them! Those philosophers lived for pleasure. As the Stoics appeased their “gods” with self-sacrifice, the Epicureans appeased their gods by sensory enjoyments from food, drink, entertainment to prestige and licentiousness. They were truly imbibers of the flesh. One group killed Jesus ironically by doing good works without magnifying God, and the other crucifying God for the sake of pleasure. Both groups were poisoned by the fruits of the forbidden tree, whose fruits were not only for pleasure but for reason as well. The Stoics used reason and logic in worshiping themselves.

God is not illogical but false knowledge and theory does not impress Him at all. Theory is merely testing hunches. Brilliant people can bias the test to validate their hunches. Thus, most theories are weapons of destruction. God is saddened by acceptance of such theories over truth!

Returning now to the definition of faith, the next key word in the definition is “evidence”. Evidence is the portion of the body of knowledge which supports truth. The entire field of philosophy is based on answering the question, “What is truth?”  Well, the Lord is “the God of Truth” 80 Hence is Word is Truth 81 What is another motive for killing God? He speaks the truth! That wouldn’t be so bad if people wanted to hear the truth, but they prefer the tickling of the ears! 82 That’s many; even Christians ignore the truth.  The bad part is that since the truth has set mankind free, many Christians are still accomplices in killing God! 83

Faith requires evidence, and the evidence must be truthful. Denial of the truth is a poison which infuriates God. Yes, we are to love and fear God! He forgives as long as some contrition is felt, but when hearts are hardened to the extent that apathy atrophies it such that circumcision is impossible, then vengeance becomes His.  People kill God by rejecting His grace. Some submit because they fear God’s retribution. Others resent God for being just and are His enemies. That is “blasphemy” – revering their own selves as they fail to revere God. Atheism is the ultimate blasphemy as they reject the Creator and Savior God. Half-way does not count! If God cannot create for us a place in Eden, how could He prepare us a place of the heavenly Garden? Christians know God is Almighty, agnostics doubt it, and atheists reject it.  Babes in Christ don’t understand it, and unrighteous Christians are syncretic – believing in science and the Divinity but with science reigning.

The next part of the definition of “faith” is “things unseen”. Living in a physical world we think of “things” as material entities which science calls “matter”.  Their “Big Bang” is matter-focused and from the conversion of energy. Even to the Christian, that sounds about right, and the Higg’s Boson – the cosmic fluid from that bang, seems tenable, but credit is not given to whom its due. The Big Bang took time, some say infinite, for existence to evolve. As God created a mature man, He created a mature cosmos. God’s time is not our time. He knew that we needed time for our own convenience but He himself scoffs at that! 84 Hence, people deny God because they just can’t understand time!

What people do understand is limited time. It seems that man’s longevity is limited to one-hundred twenty years. The limitation is two-fold: the sun who some worship and man’s pump assuming that people don’t kill themselves by depression or poor dietary habits. The sun measures our time, and the heartbeat counts out the minutes. Because, we indeed, will die, people are apathetic to its passing or dread the end of our timepieces ticking. God, of course, gets the blame because man is not immortal when clearly, it’s our own folly!  Mankind killed itself but still blame God. How many times have we heard the question, “If there is a God, why did He allow her to die?’ The answer is, because mankind chose death, and God allowed Satan to administer death.

People resent God because of the inevitability of death. He forgives us seventy-times seven 85 but most still elect death rather than submission. People kill themselves for the love of pleasure and blame God who hates what they pleasure!

There are two types of death: (1) when the flesh dies, and (2) when the soul dies. The first death is frightening but most seem not to fear the second death! That is ironic because the first death is fleeting but the second death is eternal – eternally dying – because it is never-ending. God gets the blame for both the first and second death. The first is the consequence of original sin and is brief. The latter is the consequence of our personal unrepented sin and is our choice! Still, sinners blame God, not only for death, but for their fear of death. Many say, “A loving God would not send his children to hell!” That is wrong in two respects: (1) people choose Hell, and (2) those who go to Hell are offspring of the devil. 86

Faith is about “things”. The physical things which we fear ae in the world and the universe. Faith is also believing in things that can’t be seen. We believe in black holes and the expanding universe, not because we see them, but because astronomers claim they can, although their sight is limited by instrumentation and confounds in the cosmos. Most accept their theories even though they can’t see what they see!

Sacred writings indicate that Adam and Eve had “bright eyes” while in the Garden. They at that time could see into the heavens! 87 They could see the angels and God because of their “bright nature” – the Designers Intent. Sin did not cloud their vision, and they loved God because they saw Him clearly! They easily saw the things which are unseen to us. Because they saw God and spoke with Him, we can see God through eyes of faith. We see God by the Word which He spoke to the patriarchs! Those words were written down and are Holy Scripture – the inspired Word of God, and not of man. To have faith in God we must see Him through His Word. The Word provides bright natures and bright eyes to heretofore eyes blind to the unseen, and skeptic natures of the blind.

Those who see God’s face are warned that they would die. 88 Moses specifically who could look on his countenance but not right at Him. People on the whole deny God because they cannot see Him. Strangely, because they are poor of spiritual sight, they attempt to kill Whom they cannot see! God cannot be measured as unseen existence cannot be detected by the five senses. The Word gives mankind another sense, – faith – the ability to see the unseen!  The world thinks we’re crazy for seeing God but remember, God is manifested in the creation!

Society says that hatred is due to ignorance. Christians should agree with that! On the other hand, people kill God merely because they are blind to His Existence.

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