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Educational Bias

Meghan Kelly of FOX News had a "special" last evening on "Educational Bias". It was well done and all the abuses by the left which they brought forward were well-documented.  They did a good job of exposing it, but the "why" of it all, was a little blurred. Let me elaborate on the reason for educational bias and a few cases I remember of it myself.

During my freshman year at General Motors Institute, one of the most conservative institutions in America, one of my non-engineering electives was a class called "American Political Institutions" taught by Professor Scharchburg. (It's been a long time so the spelling of the name may be wrong). On the very first day he said (and I do remember this as a quote) "Man is no more than a tree or a frog"!

First off, that statement had nothing to do with the course material. It may have been meant to shock young Christians into shame, so that remolding would be made easier.  At 18 years-old I was discerning. I knew he was forcing an irreligious viewpoint on naive young minds and his actions made me even more rigid in my belief! Why?

The more the world attacks Christianity the more confirmed I am in my faith for the heretics spend little time attacking atheism, agnosticism and paganism! The good professor actually built up a wall which shielded me from his further attempts to remold!

Let me stop here for a second and jump to graduate school at Western Kentucky University. Dr. Fong of the Family Counseling Department, a nice lady, but liberal, was certainly friendly and honest. She was fair with all viewpoints and I respect that! We had many fine discussions. She remarked one day "Our job isn't only to teach, it's to remold"!  I asked "Isn't remolding the same as brainwashing?" She just smiled. Although I considered Dr. Fong a good teacher, by her own admission, she was trying to change the students. Change into what? What she wanted us to be! I bet that was a change into a liberal non-Christian to be sure since most of psychological ideology is non-Christian and liberal.

I hate lies in teaching. Perhaps many lies are just a failure for a teacher to just say "I don't know!" In another social science class (I've forgotten which one over the years), a student asked a question. (The time frame was 1967 right after the Detroit and Flint race riots.) "Do black people sweat more than white?" Admittedly, the very question is racist in today's eyes, but he was actually trying to debunk a common claim. Rather than saying "I don't know." the professor said "There is no truth to that!"  I believe that he was making an attempt to minimize racial differences, albeit there are differences, but these are inconsequential in our humanity.

Google this question and you will find that people today are offended by it. People today do the same thing the professor did. They give opinions based on perception. Perceptions are not truth, and we must always seek truth. Why be educated to learn a lie unless teaching lies is some one's agenda? Black skin absorbs more heat because of it's darkness and since blacks and whites must maintain the same body temperature, it's logical that anyone who absorbs more heat dispenses more heat to stay normal. The way the body maintains 98.6 degrees is by evaporative cooling. We sweat! That's just a fact and is not meant to be derogatory. As Sgt. Friday used to say on the show Dragnet "Just the truth, ma'am, just the truth."! Teachers should not teach false perceptions unless it is given as an opinion, but they do it all the time!

Dr. William Floyd, at Western Kentucky University, was a raving liberal and a feminist. It was clear from what he taught. One day be was telling of the unfairness because women in the military did not receive medals of honor for combat in Panama. All the gullible young people were awed by the injustice of it all!  I told Dr. Floyd to "tell the rest of the story" (Paul Harvey's catchphrase). He was at a loss for words when I informed him that neither did any of the men in the same outfit because they were not a combat squadron! You see truth can be twisted by giving selective and biased facts. More on Dr. Floyd shortly.

When my children were in middle school at Bowling Green Junior High, a new sex-education curriculum was introduced at a parent-teachers meeting. I was wary, being certain that course material likely didn't focus on abstention because I've found that parents and teachers have just given up on the morality of young people. Their false perception is that "they're going to do it anyhow whether we teach against it our not, so we must give them protection". Rather than teaching wrong and the consequences, liberals teach how to do wrong without the consequences!

The course material (for middle and high school children) not only included the mechanisms for sexual intercourse and masturbation, but also homosexuality and bestiality!  I stood and objected "Why are we teaching young kids how to masturbate, have same-sex and to have sex with animals?" A friend from church who was a teacher (there to support the curriculum) stood and said "Mr. ______ (the principal) would never allow that to be taught in our school!" Needless to say that with time, Mr. ______ had no control over that. It became required teaching. The school was teaching against what our families and churches teach! The reason being is that they do have an agenda!

Lastly, let's return to Dr. Bill Floyd. He was the department head in the Department of Family Counseling at Western Kentucky University. He was a minister as well getting his education in a seminary. He taught Sunday School at the local Methodist Church. He said one day "The Bible needs to be replaced!" I was the 42 year-old in a class of mostly 23 year-old students. I asked "With what?" He replied, "With the writings of Dietrich Bonhoeffer." I'm a fan of Herr Bonhoeffer, but face it, he's not God and to replace scripture with commentary is heresy! Dr. Floyd made numerous and continuous attacks against Christianity and conservative preachers such as Dr. Falwell.  I took notes and wrote down his quotes!

One of my favorites of Dr. Floyd was when he said "It's unethical not to tell a woman that abortion is an option." My response to that in class was "To be ethical then, should we not tell a depressed woman that suicide is an option?" He was speechless and made no reply!

After I had a binder full of his attacks on Christianity and preachers, I sent a copy of them to the Kentucky Department of Education asking for some type of censure on these biased attacks presented as "education". They in turn sent it to Dr. Meredith, the president of WKU. After a long review, their answer was that Dr. Floyd was teaching this in the context of course material. That was the answer! What does ridiculing Christianity and preachers have to do with psychology? Nothing! It was malarkey and Dr. Meredith's answer was to protect the university form criticism. To their credit, Dr. Floyd retired after that semester. Coincidence? I think not!

Later at a ball game,I talked to Dr. Meredith. I thanked him for retiring  Dr. Floyd. He never answered, but he never denied it either! Furthermore, after the investigation I still sat in Dr. Floyd's class. He totally quit his "remolding" and all instances of his attacks ceased. I'm certain Dr. Floyd was "corrected" and was encouraged to retire. I credit WKU with that, but there are many more professors there who teach with an agenda!

Let's revisit Dr. Fong. I like her! At one time I said "I believe psychology is a religion!" Her response was "Are you just now figuring that out?" with a smile. That was an honest answer. Dr. Fong taught truth, although she taught the liberal agenda. At least she didn't lie about it or deceive. All over the nation, even Christian colleges, the "religion of psychology" is taught as science! Fortunately for me, I read my Bible while getting my graduate degree and told Dr. Floyd, when the others ask me to attend group counseling with him, "If it aint broke don't fix it!" To Dr. Floyd;s credit, he was instrumental in transferring me out of his department at my request before he retired!

Why did I transfer to the Department of Education? I no longer had any confidence in psychology and the requirements for my internship was against my values. Dr. Floyd said that I would "have" to consul homosexuals. I had no problem with that until he said "to help them continue in their lifestyle"! That I could not do! In order to graduate and keep my moral and religious principals, I had to leave! There was no opt-out for Christians.

These are just a few instances of left-wing bias even at "conservative" WKU in conservative Bowling Green, Kentucky. Many in the community would hiss if they knew that WKU taught what the students called "Porno Class", actually a class on human sexuality. It was in that class where I sat in mixed company with young people and saw movies of men and women masturbating and having sexual intercourse! I saw little need for live action when animation would suffice. It would be similar to having druggies come in and show how to shoot up heroin. There are other ways to present the message which is less offensive! There was neither a provision for opting out!

Why do teachers teach these things? There has to be a motive. Perhaps some don't understand real truth and have themselves been taught this way. However, I believe that destroying existing institutions is part of the plan for a progressive agenda. Meghan Kelly did touch on that, but if one examines the Communist Manifesto, several institutions are staked out for attack: the ownership of private property, individualism, capitalism (business and industry), automation (initiative), families, gender roles, the Christian faith, the established Church, the educational system and the control of children by the government from birth to adulthood.

What I have just discussed is the socialist concept that for future adults to buy into socialism, they must be educated to accept socialism. All these pre-school and early education programs are a socialist initiative  to "remold" young people into budding comrades, such that adults accept socialism without question. This is a technique to make violence and force unnecessary in achieving Utopia. Complacent people are less likely to rebel and if their gray matter is reprogrammed at an early age, children become obedient to government controlled institutions. That's "creeping socialism" and the voting patterns of young people show that it works! Young people have been remolded (brainwashed) into accepting lies as truth. Most young people vote "progressive" (Democrat) and that's no accident. It's because they believed the lies they were taught and vote their "newly washed brain"!

There is little future for America when progressives are allowed to brainwash. In fact this initiative fits in with the end-of-time religion/government/leader we know is coming. People will blindly accept this anti-Christ as a benevolent leader, he will claim to be God, and all but the elect, will welcome this New World Order.. For those Christians who failed to be remolded because they think for themselves, they will be beheaded!

Is that you? Is that your children? Be an individual and stay our of the herd. That will get you slaughtered!

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