Sunday, November 2, 2014

On Feminism-Part I

From How to Be A Feminist from WikiHows

  • Independence from men (associated strongly with the break up of the traditional family)
  • Reject society's picture of what it is to be a woman.
  • No importance on femininity.
  • Women to empower each other.
  • Do whatever the woman wants to do.
  • Never change for anybody.
  • Total sexual freedom. (Encourages impomptu sex and one-night stands.)
  • Follow their own sexual desires (lesbianism)
  • Never judge the behavior of another woman.
  • Focus on media and entertainment which supports feminism.

Being these things creates a feminist ideology. Among their political causes are gender based employment quotas (more than equality); homosexuality, lesbianism, and trans-sexuality; same-sex marriage, hedonism, uni-sexual facilities (common bath and dressing rooms), antagonism against men's roll on society, both uni-sexual and provocative dress (strangely enough), sexual freedom (abortion on demand), taxpayer funding of abortion and birth control, women united against males (NOW, etc.), and an "anything goes" agenda.

In the world of feminism men take a subservient secondary roll to women. Men become the sex objects as well as women's fantasy for same-sex relationships. Not only do they use men as the object of their affection, but gullible impressionable young women are attracted to their cause because of their saturation of the printed media and popular entertainment. Although men should have a rightful desire to be men, if men don't submit to women's views, men become the enemy. While society frets about conservative's "War on Women", it's the feminists who have drawn "first blood". Their entire intent is for women to win the "War on Women" and one of the tactics is doublespeak. They switch the definitions of ideas and concepts for a purpose, and that is to demean men so that they can achieve an upper hand!

If men object to this war on themselves, feminists scream about "The War on Women"! Almost all politicians have submitted to the feminist propaganda machine because elections can't be won without the women's vote, and every woman's magazine paints a horrible picture of those politicians who fail to submit to their agenda! Even conservative evangelical women have fallen prey to feminist propaganda because as with all bad, they do favor some good, to legitimize their war. Women who even hate the thought of same-sex marriage still vote for women for office because they're women and because they promise economic favoritism to women!

Yes, there is a "War on Women", but more correctly women and servile men have already won battles in their "War on Men". Men are the victims! I can recount the number of ways women have failed to be credited with great deeds throughout time and that's wrong, but we can't correct the past on the backs of people today! We can't correct the mistakes of the past by allowing women to assume the same evil roles that men have played in the past. Because men have been sexually promiscuous, that's no excuse for society to accept the same lasciviousness from women! Women who look at themselves with the same foggy mirror as men do, will suffer the same fate. I'm not even sure that women were all that chaste before anyhow because men's sexual freedom required partners for the activity. Women's desire is to "come out of the closet" in their sexual freedom when the closet door truly needs fixing instead!

Because Christianity abhors sexual freedom, promiscuity of any sort, homosexuality and female dominant gender roles, Christianity is under attack for it's so-called intolerance!  Before we move into the "War on Jesus", let's look at the Utopian ideals of the feminist movement. Utopia is where women have all that they propose and theoretically women are as "good" as men. They neglect inherent evil in both. Feminism is not only a socialist movement, but is a tool of Marxism. Feminists are being  used to create a communist utopia and most of them are unaware of that!

Marxism includes a "War on Men", but until total control is achieved, men will have to lead the battle. Until the rebellious accept the notion of socialism, coercion and control of the masses must be used. That's why communist nations have men leaders, but do reduce the differences between men and women. The elevating of women in government is a token method of getting women to support socialism. It works! Women turn to progressive or socialist candidates because of the PROMISE of the things they want without regard to economic and moral outcomes! But women's issues, just as with minority issues, are used as a tool by progressives to achieve their control! Women are merely a tool in the hands of extremist politicians to change society; no, really the power structure of society, and I guarantee women have little role in what those men want and use them for. Yes, feminists are pawns in the chess game: communism plays capitalism.

Part of the feminist agenda is anti-capitalism. Because our economy sells women stuff to women and market to that demographic group, the "War on Men" also becomes a "War on Capitalism". By promoting feminism, women are the unwitting tool of those who hate capitalism and desire to have their dream of Utopia, where religion and capitalism don't even exist and the sexes are unified in look and deed! Feminism's goal is that Utopia. As they seek that society as all good "isms' have before, they too shall join Nazism, communism and all the other "ism's which have failed before them. Feminism shall eventually destroy women and that destruction is well on the way. It's feminism which wages "The War one Women and Men" because their initiatives are destructive to all!

Karl Marx proposed using the women's movement to obtain power. This old white man is the founder of the feminist movement! How ironic! However, his goal was not to empower women, but to use women to empower himself and his ideology. Marxism should be fought by the feminists, but it's not. It's the old white man's tool to enslave women and feminists have willing put on that chain of bondage! [There exists a movement  called "Marxist Feminism". It's initiative is to show how capitalism (society) has exploited women.]

I can discuss Marxist feminism and its faults in many paragraphs, but part of that ideology is that the family unit is in opposition to feminism. Hence, the war also becomes a "War on the Family" and feminism and it's desire for independence is yoked with the break-up of the family. (More on that on that tomorrow).

Please note what feminists themselves say about Marxism:
"Marxism has always been at the forefront of the cause of women's emancipation. The 8th of March (International Women's Day) is a red letter day for us as it symbolises the struggle of working class women against capitalism, oppression and discrimination throughout the world. We are publishing an updated version of the document we published last year on March 8, where we outline the first steps given by Marxism to fight for women's rights, what the first successful revolution meant for the emancipation of women, conditions of women under capitalism both in advanced and Third World countries and pose the question of how to eliminate inequality between men and women for good.
"To alter the position of woman at the root is possible only if all the conditions of social, family, and domestic existence are altered." (Trotsky, Women and the Family, p. 45.)"

This is from Marxism and the Emancipation of Women an editorial of In Defense of Marxism.

In effect when you go pull that election lever and vote for the "progressive" (Democrat) person for political office, old dead communist men laugh from their grave. They may be dead, but their deceit yet lives! Men may die, but propaganda lives on.

Tomorrow I will examine the family unit, Christianity and why they are both under attack. We'll see from God's word how evil feminism is and to where it will lead! The Democrat Party Platform will then be compared to feminism in action.


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