Saturday, November 15, 2014

Politics: Dr. Tim Hulsey on Laughing at Our Gullibility

We know that the progressives running the country have lied to us while laughing
at our gullibility in order to pass the Progressive in Chief's tunnel vision
issue of health care reform in order to cover the 2% of Americans who wanted
health insurance and could'n get it. In order to accomplish that, they had to
put the health insurance for the remaining 98% into the magician's hat of MIT
economics, where obscurity, complexity, and duplicity were added to glamour the
other agencies of government.

The Cheerleader in Chief assuaged the fears of the the AMA, Congress, and the
American People by crossing his fingers on both hands and swearing unequivocally
that the 98% wouldn't lose the health care coverage and treatment they had
tailored to their individual needs, all the while knowing he wasn't telling the
truth. In true progressive style, when confronted about these lies, he claimed
he didn't say that. Prevarication stacked on prevarication!

Suddenly, economist Jonathan Gruber, who developed the model that allowed
progressive Democrats to write legislation so egregious, yet so ambiguous to
fulfill socialist goals, is a person with whom no Democrat is familiar. He has
repeatedly and gleefully admitted how much fun it was to sit around the
progressive campfire to dupe the United States of America.

Old videos bely the denials flying from Democrats who just took another
"shellacking" by American voters. They were either not truthful about knowing
Gruber or they are too senile to represent the people, the majority of which
didn't like Obamacare even before the Gruber revelations.

Progressives whine that this is just politics as usual, even though Obama
assured us that his presidency wouldn't be "business as usual." That obviously
isn't true, either.

Whether it's politics as usual or not is irrelevant. Progressives obviously have
no integrity.

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