Tuesday, November 18, 2014

What Was I Thinking?

Of all the animals only man has the audacity to claim that they are smarter than God.

People can't cure the common cold yet explain how our existence happened.

Men hoard for themselves wealth, but complain because others aren't generous.

We think that our group has a right to control and everyone else seeks power for power's sake.

People build whole societies based on fragments of old jawbones and believe it, but can't admit that miracles do happen.

We look at governments which nearly destroyed the world, say it must never happen again, but then elect evil people to run governments whose only goal is destroy what we have.

Men who know that  2 + 2 = 4 cannot fathom that (evil men) + (power) = (evil men with power).

Or: Christians who claim that they hate sin then vote for people who propagate the sins they claim to hate.

The continuous thought throughout the Bible is Jesus, yet many ignore the prologue written in the Old Testament.

Truth isn't debatable. Truth just is! People can only debate the cleverness of lies.

Those who claim to love God then have sharp-tongues with others deserve to lie in their own vomit.

Inconsiderate people get impatient with others then dwell in the past.

Some love almost everyone else then despise the one they pledge to love forever.

To "love, honor and cherish" is something people say in a moment of passion, but then "loathe, dishonor and perish" those to whom the vowel was made.

For those uncommitted to their mate,  it's unlikely they will have fidelity in their marriage to Jesus.

Love is a work,  not just an emotion. Jesus said "If you love me, keep my commands". His commands are to love him and others. Love is what people are TO DO! Therefore, the fiction that love is merely an emotion defies Jesus who calls it a work.

For marriages to work both partners must be committed to make each other included in the "one". If one is divergent in their desires, then there becomes two and disunity results. In formula form: 100% wife + 100%  husband = 100% marriage.

Children are to honor their parents and get the promise that their lives will be long on this earth. In practice many children rebel and then think they are invulnerable.

Most atheists were at one time Christians who found that they could not manipulate God.

The lunatic who was possessed by demons did not follow them over the cliff, yet sane people follow the same demons into the lake of fire!

The answer you seek is found in the Bible yet people don't really seek answers, they seek excuses and call them reasons.

Where skeptics believe that there are conflicts in the Bible, should use the same skepticism to test who is smarter; them or God? God IS truth. Skeptics can only QUESTION truth.

"Life" isn't when my heart beats nor when I breathe in air. It's when I care for others and feel sorrow for what I do that I'm alive. Apathetic people are merely the walking dead.

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