Thursday, January 1, 2015

The First Feminist

Who was the first feminist? Was it Susan B. Anthony, Margaret Sanger, Jennie Churchill, Betty Friedon, or perhaps someone else? Women are beguiled by feminism because it offers promise. Strong women are said the have "broken the glass ceiling".That's the invisible barrier they claim which prevents them from succeeding.  That sounds good and right, doesn't it?

Feminism teaches equality, but their goal is superiority. Just as America has "white supremist" groups, it also has "Ms. extremists". (I can't say "woman extremist" because to them that's derogatory). "Ms.", of course, is a modern title to conceal the marital status of the woman, and to eliminate the tie between a woman and a man! You see, feminism is not only am ideology to become supreme, but one which destroys the family as well. Feminism and the elimination of the nuclear family has two things in common: 1) they are both Marxist initiatives and 2) they are both ungodly sins!

Feminists have been accused of radicalism and Marxism, but few recognize the ungodliness of this rebellious system of activism. Who was he first feminist? The feminists would have you believe that Lilith was! Some within the Hebrew faith and feminism contend that Lilith was the contentious first wife of Adam who fled their marriage because of he dominance of man! This false conception is evil itself! It claims that there were two females created because of the two creation stories:
Genesis 1:27 "So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.", then again in:
Genesis 2:22 "And the rib, which the Lord God had taken from man, made he a woman, and brought her unto the man."
First off, Satan would have you believe that these are two separate events! The first is a statement of what God did, and the second is how he did it! There were not two creations!

There are various stories on the "first creation" (sic), but one is the story of Lilith. That name means "night creature", "night monster", "night hag", or "screech owl" (Wikipedia).  The Dead Sea Scrolls, specifically,   Great Isaiah Scroll calls a creature as "liliyyoth". Scripture refers to "Lilith" as:
Isa 34:14 "The wild beasts of the desert shall also meet with the wild beasts of the island, and the satyr [Lilith] shall cry to his fellow; the screech owl also shall rest there, and find for herself a place of rest." (brackets  mine).
There are three things of truth: 1) There were not two creations; only one, 2) Lilith is biblical and she is a monster of some type, and 3) there is no claim by scripture that Lilith the monster was ever a wife of any man, let alone Adam! It's mythology and remains in the realm of fiction.
 Lady [Lilith]...represents a Modern Lilith combing out her abundant golden hair and gazing on herself in the glass with that self-absorption by whose strange fascination such natures draw others within their own circle. (Rossetti, W. M.; 1870)
From the web page Feminism and Women's Studies this description title is used:
"Changing Literary Representations of Lilith and the Evolution of a Mythical Heroine: Scerba traces the development of the mythical figure Lilith from early Jewish texts through the Romantic period. This study culminates in a discussion of how Dante Gabriel Rossetti aided in Lilith's transformation from a demoness to a feminist heroine."
Lilith is a feminist heroine. Even IF she was truly a biblical character, she was an evil one at that! Rossetti used the demon "woman" as truly the first feminist. One needs to ask the question: "Why do feminists look toward evil for a model for feminism?" It's because feminism is evil! The woman Lilith is mythology. She's a lie from the serpent. Who was, then, the first feminist?

I contend that Eve was! How so" It's easiest to summarize the chain of events from Genesis:

  • God created man (Genesis 2:7)
  • Man was to have dominion over everything.(Gen 1:26)
  • God gave Adam the first commandment "do not eat of the tree". (Gen 2:16-17)
  • God created a helper for Adam. (Gen 2:22)
  • The serpent tempted Eve and she spoke with the the serpent. (Gen 3:1-6)
  • Eve sinned. (Gen 3:6a)
  • Adam was deceived by Eve.(Gen 3:6b)
  • Adam sinned. (Gen 3:6b)

Point 1: God made Adam over his entire creation! He was to have dominion over everything including Eve who was yet to be. Part of his dominion was to be leader of the home and head of worship. Adam was to be the spiritual leader. Adam was to be mankind's spokesmen to God and the priest. All religious affairs would belong to him.
Point 2: God gave Adam the "first commandment" before Eve was ever created. God commanded to Adam the instructions for obedience. Eve never heard them from God at all. It was Adam's role to teach Eve the will of God and either 1) he failed to do that, 2) didn't do it well or 3) Eve didn't heed Adam. It would appear from her conversation with the serpent that Eve knew the law, put words in God's mouth which God didn't say and disobeyed anyway. There were multiple sins Eve committed:

  • Just as God's anointed, King Saul, assumed the roles of Samuel, the Priest of God, he lost his anointing because of his presumption (pride in this case). Saul was king, not priest, but he took upon himself to be priest, thereby offending God. Likewise, Eve assumed the role of leader and priest when it belonged to Adam. She spoke of spiritual matters with the serpent. That was Adam's job (which he failed to do!). Eve had no business talking with the serpent about things which she had only second-hand knowledge.
  • Eve's place was to get allow Adam to fend for her and use the insight from God to repulse the serpent. She failed to see that she was the helper of Adam, not the other way around! Adam never instructed her to fend for the family, but she did it on her own. She broke the first "glass ceiling", so to speak!
  • The serpent didn't try to deceive Adam. It was easier to deceive Eve because her knowledge of the "first commandment" was from Adam. It was second hand. God had not entrusted her to rule (lead in the discharge of obedience, but she did it anyway!
  • The serpent knew that Adam was stronger than Eve. He knew that logic would allow Adam to remain faithful to God, so he used emotion on Eve. "It's pleasurable. It's good to eat. It'll make you like God, perhaps wiser than Adam!"  Eve sinned because she was easy to deceive, but felt herself capable. Adam sinned because he failed to be the leader! Adam's sin was made easy because he failed to the persuasion of a woman.
  • Although Eve sinned first and her chiefest sin was "taking a leadership" role because her job assignment was to be "helper". Adam's chiefest sin was allowing Eve to become leader of him and the priest. Both of them sinned too by disobeying and dishonoring God, which, by the way, he knew they would do! God knew when he created Eve that what she do and she did it!

Feminism is not only equality with men, whereas she is to be a "helper", but superiority to men. Their gain is based on the losses to men, things which some men deserve. "Equal pay for equal work" is a good slogan, but like it's "good for food", that is a trick to create chaos. What feminists practice is not equal pay, but an host of deceptions: 1) equal or better pay, 2) special incentives, 3) sexual leadership role, 4) become the bread-winner, 5) stay at home dads, 6) break up of the family through care of children turned over to others, 7) demasculination of men, 8) masculination of women, 9) sexual freedom, 10) liberty to disrespect their own bodies, 11) freedom to kill their own offspring with no input from the father, 12) lesbianism , 13) division, 14) minimizing the role of marriage in society, and 15) even pagan-type worship instead of respect and love of God!

I could go on, but these make my point! Feminism is part of "original sin". It's wrong in God's eyes and destructive to the world! It even minimizes God's command "to multiply" and destroys the God sanctioned marriage institution. What's more, feminism teaches women that men are "an option". Men are not even needed to love and reproduce. Women don't need men. They can do it on their own!

Eve was the author of those ideals. Lilith didn't exist. Rather than feminists giving credit where credit was due (original sin) they turn to mythology for their heroines (a sexist word of course)! Feminists have even neutered God and at most of the time claim that God is a woman. That's the role Eve desired, but failed to achieve!

Women even fail to admit gender differences and strive to obliterate those differences wherever they can, except for the Jezebels who seek sexual freedom. It seems that feminists want to use what they claim to despise for gender gain. They turn their androgynous heads at sex symbols in entertainment because they know that just as Sheba defeated Samson by lust, women can defeat men today by attacking the weakness of men!

"What's this go to do with socialism?" you ask. "Feminism" is a stated objective of Marxism to destroy traditional institutions. I submit that women who fall for the deceit of Marx (a serpent) are a victim just as Eve was a victim of the serpent himself. I believe that men who fail to fight for their gender assigned role in life are weak-kneed and have been beguiled by modern Eves! Whereas Eve was the first feminist, Adam was the first "woos"! "Nancies", stand up for yourself! Never let the women beguile you by strums of "equality" when "superiority" is their song! Women, try being women! You'll both see that God will bless you both when both are godly!

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