Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Strange Wives

This age is the age of diversity. With diversity comes inclusion. As Christians we should love all people, yet hold onto our own heritage. Never should we allow "strange peoples" to dilute our faith!

As Christians we are called to convert others to Christianity. That's "The Great Commission" and as Christians, we are all of the royal priesthood. As such each individual Christian is commanded to propagate the gospel among the heathen. Here in America there were two reasons for settlement: 1) business ventures (capitalism) and 2) the propagation of the gospel. When our forebears came they had business dealings with the aboriginals. Likewise, they preached the gospel to those already here because they were not then children of God.

It's not a good thing in the eyes of progressives, to proselytize those of other religions. It's not acceptable, according to them, to persuade the pagans to be Christians. However, it is acceptable for Christians to be drawn to other religions! This notion only reinforces my own belief that Christianity is the one and only true religion!

I have a fear. My worst nightmare is Islam. Hence, I admit it: I have Islamaphobia! If you don't, then you had better get it. I have commented before that Islam seems to be the religion of the Apocalypse and Sharia Law the government at that time, ruling a world-wide caliphate. I fear that! However, that shall not come upon us suddenly. It is a gradual process. Right now we are in the incubation stage. The end-of-time government is in formation right now and even has a shadow government. It's the progressive political and religious movement of the times. They are those of the present danger!

Inclusion and diversity are the tools of those who undermine our culture and our faith. The thought that the United States, even all the Americas, were established by those of faith, is anathema to the present cultural elite.  As such anything taught by Jesus is an obstacle to the cause. This notion is one of the primary components of Marxism which sees "religion" (read that Christianity) as a roadblock to socialism; and to be truthful Christianity is a major roadblock because socialism and Christlikeness are polar opposites! The former is preoccupied with the dictated "good" of the masses and the former the salvation of the people. The first is for the gain in this world and the last for eternal gain. Both seek Utopia, but the only true paradise can exist in the kingdom of God, not the realm of Marxism!

Marxism is part of the plan! No, it's not necessarily a conspiracy of the left, but the corrupt human nature of mankind. I strongly believe that Islam shall use socialism to establish their caliphate and when that is done, communism must come about to coerce those who will not follow the herd!

Diversity shall lead to the destruction of what we know! Mass immigration is my phobia! It's not the Mexicans who I fear, but those who come in mass of pagan faiths, particularly Muslims. Many of those from the orient have joined the "melting pot". Indeed there are many Christians of oriental descent. Asia is a hotbed of evangelism. "The Great Commission" is flourishing there!

Unfortunately, middle eastern nations are not into inclusion and diversity. Their laws prohibit and punish those who convert to another religion. When they immigrate to the western world, they are the least likely religion to convert. Some even kill family members for what they believe is apostasy!

I just read the Book of Ezra. I shall not attempt to comment on the entire book, but will on intermingling and diversity.
Ezra 10:10 "And Ezra the priest stood up, and said unto them, Ye have transgressed, and have taken strange wives, to increase the trespass of Israel. 11 Now therefore make confession unto the Lord God of your fathers, and do his pleasure: and separate yourselves from the people of the land, and from the strange wives."
The Jewish leaders, even priests, had married "strange wives" because the Jews intermingled with pagans who dwelt in the land to which they returned after their dispersion!

God made a promise to Abraham. "Your seed shall multiply and from your seed shall come the savior." Intermingling wasn't part of the plan and it interfered with the promise which God made with Abraham! As such taking "strange wives" was a grievous transgression!

This wasn't necessarily a racial issue even though the covenant was made with a race or people! It was a religious issue because historically kings of Israel who had married foreign wives worshiped pagan gods in addition to JHVH. Rather than Jews converting pagans, pagans contaminated the Jews with their unclean religions. Islam is an unclean religion, not in ceremony, but in the practice of heretical theology! Muslims are descendants of those who married into "strange peoples" because the "strange wives" were desirable.

God made the Jews put away their "strange wives". Diversity was not encouraged because it diluted the one true religion! The same still goes for today! God is unchanging. What was wrong then is wrong now!

The western world, the so-called Christians, are faced with the same sin that the Jews faced. We are becoming too diverse! Because of watering-down of Christianity, is why Donald Trump may be on the right track. Immigration isn't a bad thing because it gives Christians a chance to propagate Christianity.  Runaway immigration is a problem because there are not enough true Christians for "The Great Commission" to convert that many. Hence, unfettered immigration grows a world-wide caliphate. I know who comes out on top! It's Islam because for a time until Jesus comes, and until then Muslims will rule the world. If you don't understand that, let me make it clear...those alive today shall lose everything we know! It will only be regained at Christ's One-Thousand-Year reign.

Immigration does need to be controlled. Donald Trump, maybe for the wrong reasons, is right on this one! Of course those Christians from the middle east would be welcome for they are persecuted. Likewise, a limited number of non-Christians from the middle east are as well, but in numbers small enough for them to assimilate into our culture and faith! Yes, I'm saying that the United States is included in the promise made to Abraham. We are to be a Christian nation as well!

Diversity isn't a good thing for the sake of mere inclusion. It is a good thing to propagate the faith. However, society has deemed proselytization as intolerant. The enemy which endangers America is not only "them", but most of "us", so it seems! Like Jews neither should Christians have "strange wives" . When one of faith marries one who is not, turmoil is the outcome and paganism may be induced. That is counterproductive to "The Great Commission".

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